That proverbial fork in the road

Boy, we sure have had a lot of unexpected considerations pop up lately. Some good, some a little crazy. We saw a house online that was an unbelievable deal and just missed it by a few days. Of course, I wasn’t looking, really, which is how we missed it. And it was in Frailes, just outside San Miguel. Which, you’ll note I’m sure, is not Cuernavaca. We wouldn’t have planned to move in until our lease was up next March. It was a heck of a deal, and it also opened our eyes a bit.

Here we are, and what do I like? The same things I liked before: the weather, the produce, the flowers, the colors. I am safely ensconced in a fort here – but I could be in a fort in Frailes as easily. Costco would be an hour away, instead of 10 minutes, true. And there’s no PF Changs or California Pizza Kitchen, but I think both of those are in Qto. now, about 1.5 hours away. We could go into San Miguel twice or three times a year. Day of the Dead, Christmas market, that kind of thing.

IMG_8773But in any event, that house is gone now and the exact style, location and price was all part of the desire. We are not in the market for just any house. And we have limited cash to work with until the Canadian  house sells. But now we know that we should keep our eyes open.

Then again, it’s cold up in San Miguel in December and January and it actually goes below freezing at night. I lost plants in February one year due to frost. Sure, it warms up in the day, but the weather was a component of our lives we were seeking to improve on. And it’s more tropical here. I have to remember that. Still, there are lots of entries on the plus side – closer to friends and it’s still a fort. Further from DF (minus side). But easier to navigate, due to familiarity. And training wheels. We won’t grow much with training wheels on, I don’t think. But it may be easier and that might be important right now.

lillies2Because there’s a possible business opportunity on the Island that I will not be able to pass up, if it holds up under closer scrutiny. So I would go back for at least six months to set it up and organize it.¬† And yes, it’s a big secret at the moment (you know me and secrets) because it’s a novel business and I don’t want to give it away just yet. If it happens, I think it will happen quite quickly. And in that case, Charlie would hold down the fort in Mexico. And he’d probably rather do it in San Miguel, where he has more friends and where we have a dog sitter. So he can come north to visit me. I guess in this scenario, this house in Cuernavaca will just sit here, empty and paid for. I can hardly imagine that, but it should tell you what kind of an opportunity this must be.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. And I spent a lot of today wondering if I want to give up this pretty easy life I have. I have freelance work, it’s steady – not indefinite and not guaranteed, but nothing ever is. It would turn our world on its head if we decided that I should do this. It will be more like a year, I bet. But you know what? The next year is going to go by anyway. This could be a game-changing business opportunity and there are exit plans out there so it doesn’t have to be indefinite. It’s one of those things you know you’ll regret not trying when you’re lying on your death bed. So, I’m going to at least go check it out.

balloonsbbI do have a brilliant friend on the Island who is the perfect partner and I think that’s going to happen if this does. She’s been my business partner before – and we’ve worked together more than once. We’ve made good money together and we’ve also lost good money together. And we’re still enthusiastic to work as a team. We’ve been close for 30+ years. Once, when I had a popcorn business, she came to a Boston trade show with me. My Iowa supplier was attending and said he would be bringing some of the guys from Iowa State. It was driving distance from Toronto – we were young and adventurous. And we thought he meant Iowa State University. But, noooo. He meant some Iowa State government branch. These guys had grandsons at Iowa State. So much for the weekend with the college boys. But it was a memorable road trip. And one of my best balloon stories ever, but that’s for another day.

That was just an aside. And a very long time ago. I’m just going to be open minded and go check it out. Of course, I need to see agreements and books and financial statements. And lawyers and accountants. Due diligence and all that. And I need to try not to jump in with both feet before I’ve thought long and hard about it. But that part about regretting not trying on my deathbed? That’s probably enough to tip the vote in my book. What if it is the smartest thing we’ve ever done? What if we see something that not a lot of others see yet? Why did this opportunity surface? Because it came about in a very round about way. So I followed it up. Seriously. It all began with a phone number on a sign in a store window in a photo in the Vancouver paper. While I was in Mexico. My eye went right to it. What are the chances?

Brazilian Grape Tree

Brazilian Grape Tree

Okay, what else? It’s kind of cool this rainy season. I guess that’s relative. But highs of 25 C (80F) and lows of 13 (55-ish). Nice for sleeping. But cooler than I expected this time of year. It’s been pissing rain overnight every night. Which is good for the water tables and all the plants. The mangos are almost gone – we didn’t get that many to actually eat because the tree is so tall and they ripened too much before they fell. The Brazilian Grape tree is still full of those big grapes that are kind of like lychees. And I read that they will bear fruit in cycles, three or four times a year. The fruit is okay, nothing to write home about but I will try to juice it as it’s supposedly full of good stuff.

acescalaveraIt looks like my temporary residency will go through from here, she says cautiously. Everything to do with legalities has been easier here so far, this looks like it will be also. I will keep you posted. Because I need to submit it with my passport, I can’t do it til I come back from this exploratory business trip to Vancouver mid-month. And by mid-August, it should be in my hands. Here’s hopin’. Because I leave again on the 31st. To visit Dad and then Vancouver and the Island and to check in at the house up there and who knows… maybe to stay for a while (pending business venture). Oy. This really wasn’t in my plan and it’s ass backward – coming to Mexico for the summer and leaving in the winter. But hey, you play the hand you’re dealt. And this hand, I’m going to say is, at the very least, a flush – and may be even a royal flush. One draw left.

Time will tell, the future’s not ours to see, what will be will be, and all that. A busy couple of months coming up no matter what, with travel and visitors. I will miss Charlie and the dogs a lot if this deal happens – this Island investment – but time goes quickly when you’re busy and moving forward. Really quickly. It’s been over three years that I’ve been writing this blog. Oh yes, it’s true. I started in Spring, 2012. How far we’ve come. And miles to go before I sleep. That Frost fellow knew of which he wrote. So did Steve Winwood. Remember: Canta, no llores.

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