Lick your finger and check the wind

We’re on the move again. I know a lot of you don’t like to move. I’m sure some of you think it’s a case of the grass is greener. Of course it is. Why would we move for something that wasn’t better than the last place? Yes, employment, that’s one good reason (and we have moved cities, several times as part of company transfers, countries, even). Most of our moves have been to more expensive houses – we used to look at our homes as part of our retirement plan (no more). Trading up and then when all was said and done, cashing in. We *usually* make money when we move. Although not this time, as we don’t have a house to sell, we’re in a rental. But that frees up cash for other things. Or credit, as the case may be. For most of our moves – the grass has, indeed, proven to have been greener once we got there. And this time, we’re just moving an hour up the road, to the next town. So it hardly counts. And it’s not until the end of February. But I’m already packing in my mind. And checking the wind. New house photos below.

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[image caption=”In the courtyard”][/image]    [image caption=”Living Area “][/image]
[image caption=”Breakfast nook “][/image]
[image caption=”Master Balcony”][/image]

We’re still in the midst of analyzing a business deal on Vancouver Island. I’ve made a couple of trips to check it out. We’re close to a yes or no. But if it’s a yes, it’s going to use a lot of my (our) existing credit. So that will have to be the project for now – at least until we sell our house up north. Which might be within two years. Then we really will be homeless. I’m not sure how I’ll feel about not having a home in Canada to go back to. By the time it happens, it might be okay. But who knows. The business deal escalates, then stalls, then escalates, then stalls. But I’m just going to let nature take its course, so to speak. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Sometimes, I’m keen, other times I wonder why I would. I guess we’ll see.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving (US) celebration the Saturday prior to the Thursday – in the garden of a friend’s house here in Cuernavaca. It was perfect – it was the type of dinner party I imagined when I imagined Cuernavaca. And it’s wonderful that we’re going to the south end of DF – for maintaining easy contact with the friends we have made here. At most, it’s an hour and they all seem to drive. I’ve started to put out the Christmas decorations. Subtle this year. I still have masses of white lights to add around the outdoor living room. I’m sure you’ll get another photo or two before the end of the year.

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[image caption=”Thanksgiving in the garden”][/image]
[image caption=”Thanksgiving moon”][/image][image caption=”Jorge with bells on”][/image]
[image caption=”Mexican Tree”][/image]

We’ve had company this past week from Ottawa – fun to see people and it’s had me out and about a bit more than normal. Took some great photos in the cemetery yesterday. That was fun. Everyone is so close together, there aren’t really any walkways. And some look to have been just covered up. It’s been here since the 1500s (attached to the church up the street) so it must be used again and again. I think they layer them, like condos. Maybe. We went down to the Mercado Centro – the big fruit and veggie market and they liked that. I forget sometimes, how different things appear to people who don’t live here. I notice how Canada is different now, truth be told. They went to Tepoztlan, but I passed this time – I’ve been there four times in less than a year, that’s enough for now. Plus, I had work to do (and actually did it).

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[image caption=”Las Animas Cemetery”][/image]
[image caption=”A burst of color”][/image]
[image caption=”Some have fences”][/image]
[image caption=”Flowers everywhere”][/image]

And here we are at another turning point. At least it feels like one. There are lots of them. We’ve been back almost a year (we were only gone four months), almost three years here in total. We committed to five when we came back in spring 2015. Only to ourselves – so if we change our minds, big deal. But one of those five is almost up and it’s almost time to do our annual plans again. I’m not supposed to do much except reflect and think until February now (astrology advice). Listen to my gut and decide which way to go with the potential business. And I guess the rest of it, too. The rest being my life. Will I be pretty? Will I be rich? Did I ever think, when I swam that duet, that I’d be quoting that damn song the rest of my life? I don’t think I did.

don quixoteAnd I had no idea how often songs from Man of La Mancha, particularly The Impossible Dream, would play in my head as life unfolded, like a soundtrack. Is it because I was at such an impressionable age? Or because it is such an excellent story that it reflects life on so many levels? I can actually hear Richard Kiley singing Dulcinea in that haunting key and I feel conflicted. Only he ever saw her like that, but he gave her a couple of the best moments of her life. Yeah, he was delusional. Aren’t we all? But the world will be better for this – no? The Impossible Dream is an extremely inspirational song to me. I have battled a lot of windmills (brought a few to their knees). Plus, the old guy never gives up. His dreams or his delusions. Kinda like another favorite, Harvey. There’s a pattern here.

And then, out of nowhere, Dangerous Business starts playing in my head and I do laugh out loud. Because this song is as real as The Impossible Dream. “If you admit you can play the accordion, no one will hire you in a rock ‘n roll band.” I should try to maintain my Ishtar state of mind. But it’s mind boggling how both (Man of La Mancha and Ishtar) can be metaphors for life to me. Let some shrink try to figure that one out.

So, the long and short of it is that nothing much is going on. I am still working on my editing/memoir contract and it’s coming along, we’ve got most of the material into the system – his brain dump –  (probably 75% of the first draft chapters done) and are putting it together in three parts. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle with post-it notes. I think it will be a fun read for his friends and family, which is the point. I wish our ancestors had done this – it would be interesting to see what shaped them. This fellow has a great memory for detail. It’s a fun project.


Brujas building

Not a lot on my plate this week other than that. Mexico City for two days on the 15th to meet a friend for a Christmas visit, have a couple of meals and go see an art exhibit. And who knows what else. And hang out in Roma – we’re in the Brujas building again (the Witches’ building on the plaza with the disproportionate David). The last time we were in an apartment there, we lost power. And I think there was a water issue. And there is no elevator. But what a beautiful old building. I’m going to take lots of photos this time of the lobby (very Art Deco but kind of forlorn) and the building and the views. I like that plaza, a lot. And I’m in love with this old building. No pets allowed though, so this is probably the last time I’ll stay there for now (given that we’re moving to the city and won’t need overnight accomodation).


Let loose the Kraken!

I’m excited to be moving to DF. I thought in January 2012 that this would be a good thing to do – and it’s taken me over four years. I’m not sure why. San Miguel was a two-year detour – training wheels and all that. Among the other things I believed about SMA, one misnomer is that access to Mexico City is easy. It’s not, unless you can afford $225 each way for a private car. USD. Cuernavaca was an experiment but it’s not close enough to DF for now. It *will* be close enough to DF when we’re ready to retire. The weather really is spectacular, it’s a little chilly in the morning (this is December, registered 58F or 13C the other morning) and I need a sweater or sweat shirt for an hour (I work on the open patio). But most days, the low is 65F (17C) and the highs are 75F (22). And this is December. I can live with it being 80ish. But above that and it’s not my climate. We know Mexico City will be a few degrees cooler. But not as cold as San Miguel and we lived through that. Plus, we’ve actually got forced gas heat in the new house in the new house. With baseboards right through the house if we need them. And two lovely portable radiator heaters from when we did live in SMA and it was cold. It’s only December and January – those would be the two months to get away to somewhere warm if one had money and no dogs. Never say never.

I leave you this week with an old Guy Clark song, written by his late wife, Susannah. And here’s to chasing that impossible dream until we die. Remember: Canta, no llores.

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