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It’s been a week. I won’t say a tough week because how could it be tough in Mexico? That’s one thing about living here. The sun, the produce, the flowers (okay, three things) – they keep me happy. Even when you’re having a week, it’s not that bad. First, our guest who was expected June 6, who booked his ticket in January, has cancelled his visit. By email and without an actual explanation, although we can figure it out. And then, deafening silence. We have accepted his quirks over the years (I’m sure it has been a two-way street). But this was a long-standing, firmed up (tickets purchased) plan, built around a birthday celebration.  I guess I’m torn. Kind of pissed off, but kind of concerned. Nothing I can do, though.


I guess I should look on the bright side. We turned down an invitation to see Bruce in Amsterdam because the timing conflicted with his visit. If I can get the Bruce show back on the rails, I can  enjoy myself in Amsterdam with no guilt whatsoever. It’s our combined Christmas and birthday presents from the kids this year – a trip to see Bruce in Amsterdam. Which is an incredible present and we’re really looking forward to it.

Clearly, as an alternative, we could have gone to a later concert in one of the Scandinavian countries, but Amsterdam really is the choice location for us. You know what they say, one door closes – another one opens. Flowers galore. The Clock is the largest flower auction in the world. The Heineken factory is there. I hear they have good coffee. KLM flies direct from here. What more could one ask for? 

To complicate the week even further, we found a rental house to buy on Vancouver Island. The numbers worked, the renter was lined up. We arranged the mortgage, the appraisal by the bank, insurance and inspection. Shoulda done it the other way around. It needs too much work, and much of it needs to be done before they’ll insure it, which means that it has to be done in order to get a mortgage. But it no longer works (the numbers) once we spend the money to fix the things that need fixing. We really want to take advantage of the cheap money out there right now so we’ll keep looking.

We’re off to the beach in two days to visit our friends who built their B&B on the water near Barra de Navidad. I’ve been there once, with my friend, before the place was built. Looked like a cute little town. It will be fun to see the place –  we watched them start to plan from scratch up north. I’ll take a lot of photos and report back next time. The beach is fun every couple of years and we do miss seeing these guys more often. She has a house lizard, who just appeared. Her name is Lucy.


Life in Mexico City is interesting. Nothing is difficult here. There’s still a bit of a language barrier because I haven’t gotten off my ass and learned Spanish, but I can get by and one day I’ll get back to it. But the mechanical parts of living are easy here. Really easy. Flowers, fruit and weather are good. This location is lovely. It’s calm, serene, you can walk around without any fear, you could leave your doors open at night. We can order things on line but the market’s not far (not walking distance, but not far). There is a huge flower market because we are in the hospital zone. Which is kind of good all by itself. Just in case. And we are close enough to the action.

I think I’ve mentioned we’re falling in love with Coyoacan, home of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.  As well as others. Don Pedro, for one. Trotsky, for another. It’s quite a funky, arty little town and we could see ourselves there. It’s not a town, really, its a neighborhood of Mexico City, but it’s still got that small village feel. It used to be a village on the outskirts. Maybe 10 minutes closer to downtown than here. But a walk-able ‘hood.


We could probably Air BnB the crap out of the place when we travelled, but it is relatively expensive to get into the real estate market there. So we’ll see. We’d have to be walking distance to the Zocalo (center of town and all the mercados) or there’s not any point. Because for the same money, we can go to Roma or Condesa, I think. If we watch for a good property and move quickly. But certainly not yet. We’ve still got a rental property to figure out on Vancouver Island (if we can find one that works) and possibly a rental condo on the mainland.  And then we’ll figure out where we stand. We’ll be renting for a while yet.


I know there are some very poor and sad areas of Mexico City. But we don’t see them. Because they’re also the dangerous parts of the city. So in that way, life here is very easy. The poverty I see in some Mexican towns, San Miguel is a good example, is so devastating to me. And they are the towns were you have the heart-breaking street dog situations as well. That just doesn’t happen here (in our parts of the city). They are very serious about animals here, and treating them with respect. Serious laws. And every single dog must have a rabies shot – there is no rabies in the city, it was eradicated five years ago. I’ve never seen a street dog. Not one. And I’ve been in many, many (good) neighborhoods.

Well, that’s it this time. Wanted to publish before we went to the beach as it might be a couple of weeks before I’m back again. Be nice to your friends. And Orale.

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  1. Linda Jackson Reply

    We just had a HUGE Sterlization clinic a couple of weeks ago and 829 pets were spayed and neutered. EXCELLENT eh ? so life is getting better here…for everyone……
    Say hello to Bruce for me..

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