And you thought Mexico was dangerous

Sorry it’s been so long. I, like the rest of the world, was stunned to see a homophobic, misogynistic racist elected president of the USA. America is dead to me. I vow to not darken her door, even to change planes, as long as he is in charge, that I promise. As do many of my Canadian and otherwise not-American friends. I know more than half of the voters did not vote for him – and I’m sorry for you. Upwards of 2.5 million more voters picked Hillary (not counting the unfortunate players who voted for Johnson and Stein, many of whom I believe are closet racists, self-absolved from their decision by masquerading as liberals or libertarians). But please note, I didn’t say Americans are dead to me. Just America. And for now, for just four years or until impeachment, whichever comes first.

I have good American friends who are welcome in Canada and Mexico. But America has fallen and she can’t get up. Enough said. If you don’t like my opinion, please feel free to unsubscribe to this newsletter. I will spend every day for the next four years fighting his bigotry, misogyny and racism (and everything else), so I’m not done. I’ve ordered a very cool t-shirt for myself and plan to wear it here so they don’t think I’m an American who voted for Trump. In fact, I heard talk that Mexico would retaliate against the one million Americans who live here (with taxes) if Trump makes good on his threats. Mexico hates Trump. I’m going to have to sew a Canadian flag on my suitcase or something.

Now, onto other business. We are back in Cuernavaca and things are moving along. Most of the house has been done. Still a few things hanging over. Like our glass fence around the range, which being commercial, gets quite hot and we don’t want any kids bumping into it. The kitchen is pretty much done. Here are a few shots below – before and after. I love the kitchen, it’s a dream to work in.

Ok, enough of the kitchen. I was going to show the tropical wall (was giant ugly topiary balls) – but the pool is in process and I should wait until we’re done. I’ll be writing about the whole experience over at Fresh Patio. But not until February. It will take that long to get the plants stabilized and the pool working. We have pretty much finished the formal living area (except for a glass coffee table and masks, when they come from storage. So here are a couple of before and after shots. The third photo is CW’s mother’s portrait, painted by her brother (many moons ago). She’s looking out over the view.

Egads, those mirrors were so 70s. Ok, done with the house for now. More news. In 2009, we almost went to Africa in December with my daugter’s foundation (Obakki Foundation). They work building water wells in South Sudan and maintaining orphanages in Cameroon. CW, on his way home from Bruce, hit his head in the airport and got a major concussion and we couldn’t go (I almost went but really couldn’t leave him alone so quickly after his fall as he wasn’t back 100% and needed daily help). So sad. Well, now I am going, this December – next week in fact. Kind of last minute, but most of my shots are still valid. They are renovating one of the orphanages and I’m pretty good at that. It’s only eight days on the ground, plus four days of travel. The travel is a killer, I think I’ll only do this once.

I’m back on December 21, but I doubt we’ll do much for Christmas. I put some lights and red balls in a vase ( And we put the tree up in the breakfast nook where you can see it when you walk up to the front door. But that’s it for us this year. I just want some quiet, down time to finish the rest of the house. But I have school starting on the 29th of December through the end of January (Spanish for Business) and then work in February (part III of the memoir project is scheduled).

On that note, I should probably close. There’s a lot more to say, but I need time to think some things through. This US election changed things for me big time. There’s a storm coming. And I’m part of it. In the meantime, if I don’t write again before the holidays – have a fantastic time. Christmas day is usually good for reflection – so maybe that will be the next blog. I chose the song this week with great care. It’s a big fear today, Trump and his tin soldiers. I think many of you agree with me but for those who don’t – never say you weren’t warned. I can’t even close with “Orale” today. Sorry. But have a great few weeks.



  1. John Falletti Reply

    As a Californian (hopefully will be an independent country in the near future) living in Mexico 9 months a year (that time may increase after the inauguration of a fascist), I share your thoughts about a once great nation about to devolve into ruin with a kakistocratic government (a new word i’ve learned since he started choosing his advisers).
    Congratulations on your successes with remodeling and upcoming trip to Africa.

    John Falletti

  2. Heather Moore Reply

    Got to say i like so many other Americans feel exactly like you about Trump. He is a pig and that is putting it nicely. Our yearly immigration party here in Zihuatanejo was canceled one day before it was to happen, a sign of bad things to come for us US expats. I can’t blame Mexico,we have a monster getting ready to take over. scary times, oh to be a Canadian.
    Your house looks lovely, have a safe journey, and Merry Christmas.

  3. Georgia Reply

    Hi Bev! Gorgeous kitchen!! The counter with the seats looking into the kitchen reminds me of your Ladysmith reno….. I recall good laughs at that counter and you looking particularly lovely..

    I “predict” it will be a life-changing experience for you when you do your Obakki trip. What an exciting opportunity! Sorry to hear about Chris’s fall….yikes. Hope is OK….

    All is same up here on Bowen. we have not been traveling to the US; instead (the money difference) we stay in Vancouver regularly at hotels and sort of vacation there..ha ha … Let’s face it Vancouver is a great place to eat. The US election was mind blowing – but after weeks of thinking of all the different reasons….(media coverage; false news; bad polls that lulled the Democrats – plus turn out etc etc ) – I think the bottom line is that Hillary was a woman. I think had Barack ran against a man he might not have got in. It is the elephant in the room and the media does not talk about it…. the US will not elect a woman President. Not yet.

    1. Post author Reply

      Thanks for the comments, Georgia! Good prediction – and you should know (or at least have an inkling that the time is right)! I agree, America (well, the South at least) will not elect a woman. It was a combination of that, and the racism and homophobia (other traits alive and well in the South). I chant for her (America). Talk soon xo

  4. Diane Cole Reply

    Hey Bev, always nice to read your thoughts…..and I totally agree on the Trump mess. I have no desire to visit the U.S. until he is done….then we will see what he has left behind. And since we probably won’t hear from you for awhile, here’s wishing you an utterly fantastic birthday. With big hugs from your childhood buddy…./Diane

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