Day 31 to Infinity

At least it feels like that.

Day 32: Yeah, skipped day 31 – there wasn’t a lot going on. Couldn’t get into DogStar, just had an off day. It happens to us all. I started feeling just a little sorry for myself (comes from reading the last three week’s calendar entries for potential ferry to La Paz dates). Then I thought of the sale that fell through, the lack of showings due to Coronavirus, then to be honest, I started thinking about the virus itself and getting a little depressed and then I gave myself a shake. It’s what it is. We haven’t had a lot of hardship in our lives. I already can’t believe the way I used to fly around like it was nothing. The times, they are a changin’ …

So, walked PJ twice today already, made dog food (chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, flaxseed, hemp hearts, tumeric) to add to their kibble (they get a combo), almost bagged. Swept the floors and windexed all the glass tables – which are all of them – even our coffee tables and end tables are moulded glass. I cannot believe the dust.

Later, I’ll get in the water garden and stick fertlizer tabs down in the water lilies’ root system. Or maybe tomorrow. I’m going to read the parts of DogStar that I didn’t type in so we can have a meeting about where this is going or not going. That’s on my agenda today.

Day 33: Both dog walks done, too much news read and listening to Justin’s daily briefing in the background. He’s quite calming. I did nothing yet about the water lilies. I think I’ll Whatsapp Juan Pablo and have him come and to a major job in a few weeks (or when things die down). He has a car and his own tools and he’s the pool guy. I think he’s safe if we maintain distance completely (he’s out, we’re in). So, maybe I can just fertilize and get out and leave the rest to Juan Pablo. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Days *are* getting tougher for some reason. I guess because it’s going to be a long time. We do apparently have tests -a local lab will do in-home testing for 2,500 ish pesos which is like $150 CAD. AMLO commandeered half the private hospital beds for the public health system at no cost. That’s the president of Mexico. Not that they are needed yet, but they will be. We are staying in until the first wave is gone. Then hopefully, there is a break when we can make a run for it. But to where? Oh yeah, the house has to sell first. We could *maybe* go back to the housesitter idea, but then that means at the very least renting in La Paz, which means we have to make some money if that is to be a possibility come fall. I think that’s my next plan. Figuring out what that costs and where the money comes from.

I was thinking about different aspects of the Covid (I know, I flip back and forth with names, I’ll pick one soon) and got onto domestic violence (radio commercial put it in mind). I’m glad there are people out there thinking about that. And I’m glad there are people in the world who see the trees – I am one who has to be hit on the head to see the trees – I always see the forest. Which is why all my career tests have told me I am not a caregiver – although I do believe I have compassion for living things and I’m kind. I’m INTJ (Meyers Briggs Type Test) and we’re long-range thinkers and big picture people. Forest people. I can see trees, but they often must be pointed out to me.

Day 34: I must admit, this has really felt like a harder week. But when I was meditating before I arose this morning, I was able to relate to the fact that our day to day lives have not changed too dramatically (other than me doing housework LOL). And having no guests, ever. And never going to Costco (I have it delivered). But we haven’t had to adapt to a different lifestyle, really.

Projects await …

The change, and what bothers me so much I believe, is not being able to travel, not being able to do things that are on the list. I was to have been in Canada, returning yesterday. At least two, maybe three weeks. Lots to do up there. I can’t reschedule. They don’t even have direct flights from Mexico City to Vancouver any longer. They were going to reinstate them in May but I think that is highly unlikely now.

In an emergency, yes, I can fly to Toronto (now only 4 direct flights a week instead of 14) and from there to Vancouver. And by all means, why wouldn’t I want to spend 10 hours inside two planes with closed air systems? And another few hours (possibly overnight) in an international airport? I think it will be a while. And that distresses me. Aside from the house sale, my business life revolves around getting back up to Vancouver and the island on a regular basis. Every couple (few) months at least.

Well, we have DogStar for now. That’s our project at the moment. And cakes. Fancy tall cakes. You’ll see. Although I was just relating to someone this morning how I bought all the equipment (metal stamps and single silverware pieces – the latter from thrift stores up north – to make cute things with words (see below). I really wasn’t successful – but I might try again. I couldn’t get the stamps deep enough but there are techniques I can still try. It’s the words part I think would be fun.

I do like to create things – I’m just not very artistic (can’t draw a damn thing, can’t carry a note either). I design well. I do nice houses. And I love to do houses. They are bigger projects though. And there have to be buyers. I’m not sure I have the energy for a house right now but it’s moot because I don’t have the money either 🙂

Day 35 (I think, haha): Who cares – there are going to be a lot of them. I suppose I could stop counting but I do like to “X” off the days on the calendar. PJ has been working (well only yesterday and today) with the trainer in the mornings, so I’m not needing to give him his two early walks. Just for a couple of days this week (and every week likely). I still get up as early (that’s Rosie) but probably get a bit more work done. Plotting and planning for ‘when’ we sell and have to move. Do I have more stuff than I used to? I really don’t think so. Yet, moving this time seems like such a horrendously big deal. At least, in my head (and for a very long time). I think I’ve hit a point where I may not worry about it at all, just let things happen. Not like me at all. I usually like to have everything sorted out. But we’ve got movers. Half our stuff is packed and labelled and back in the storage bodegas. I can probably pack another 25% if I get ambitious. Maybe a good idea. Idle hands and all that.

Then the complete isolation will ease up, we’ll have a dinner party and I’ll have to unpack, I know it. I always jump the gun. However, things are easy to find – clear tubs that are well-labelled. And do you know what I woke up thinking about (at 4am)? Green glass dishes. They sit in storage on the island. I got them at Marshall’s in Westheimer (Houston) maybe 15 years ago and love them to bits. This isn’t exactly what they look like, but getting there. The plates are huge (perfect for Cobb Salad), the bowls are large and shallow and I don’t have glasses. The set is heavy, heavy heavy. We drove them back to BC after wintering in Galveston that year. I haven’t seen them since late 2012. Not that they would have changed much 🙂

Summer. Those dishes say summer to me and I love them. And speaking of summer – it looks like the rains start Sunday. I hope they are right! it looks worse than it is, the rain will be overnight with sunny days.

It’s still quite dark in the morning now that the time has changed. 6:12am and it’s not even beginning to get light. Hard to move to the shower, or move to any physical chores (god help me but maybe more packing) while it’s dark. Speaking of more packing, I’ve been reaching for the tarot cards. I have them out and have had them in my hand two or three times – yet put them back on the counter. Of course, my question is (and always is) – when do we leave this house? I don’t know why I keep putting them down. Not ready to pull the cards yet.

The card means you ain’t going anywhere yet, honey.

Twice, when I was pulling during the January/February rapid showings uptick period, I got this goddamn card (hanged man). I took it to mean I would be waiting for a while but I guess I had no idea how long. I remember getting this card when I first moved to Vancouver and was jonesing to get out (I found the town extremely vacuous when I first landed). And I ended up staying almost 10 years before heading to Vancouver Island. So I was trying to ignore it in these readings – hoping it didn’t mean 10 more effing years. It can also mean prison or jail – which is interesting because lockdown kind of is jail at home. I have to admit – when I see a card like that which I don’t like – I don’t go into it as I should and try to figure it out. I kind of gloss over it and make excuses. Some tarot reader.

There is very hopeful news today from drug-maker Gilead about the drug remdesivir – which is showing great promise in treating Coronavirus patients in a clinical trial out of the University of Chicago. More comprehensive results and analysis are due at the end of April but it’s looking very good – so that’s something to be happy for today.

Ok, it’s light out, 7:26 and time for a shower. Hopefully more later. I’d better find some photos too. No rest for the wicked.

Day 36: Still cleaning. Egads, Genaro hasn’t been here in 36 days and I’ve only cleaned once. I’m going to have to do this once a week! (Well, not this below, that could be once a month.)

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
Like seriously. WTF is happening? I can’t be doing this.

Ok, so we’ll be cooking again. Maybe I should start a cooking blog. This one is French Onion Crockpot Meatloaf. I also have to cook french bread this afternoon so we can leave it out and have stale soup for Italian tomato bread soup tomorrow as we have some nice ripe hothouse tomatoes. That will keep me off the streets. I cleaned every single counter with things on it in our kitchen. Every single one. Just have a peek at how much that is here.

And there’s a lot more behind me. And another top shelf on the other side of the fridge.

I’ve gone stark-raving mad with cleaning. Then I cooked. The French bread, polenta lemon cake (yes really with almond flour) and crockpot french onion meatloaf. It’s 3 pm almost. Maybe I can stop now.

Day 37 (Sunday, April 19, 2020): So here we are again. I shall aim for Sundays to be publishing days where I can. But no promises. And now, it’s already 10 am – we slept until 6:50 am! Seriously. Such a jolt. Ten to seven! I don’t know when we’ve slept so late.

Already had two dog walks (2.2 km) and now he’s off with the trainer. I’m looking around the floors I just washed Friday. FM. I did order a hand-held upright vacuum from Amazon Mexico, I had to. If there’s anything I hate worse than housework – it’s buying housework appliances. We have a fantastic vacuum that Genaro uses but it’s commercial and huge. He kept breaking every domestic one we bought (not his fault, it’s the amount of vacuuming that goes on in this house combined with cheap Chinese manufacturing).

We’re ready to move into DogStar edits this week. CW will take the first run through. It will be fun. I can’t wait until it’s done – that will be a sense of satisfaction for sure as we’ve been threatening to do this for years.

The Plumeria that our gardener, Dany, gave us is blooming. I’ve never had one before. I smelled it – it’s very fragrant. And it smells just like Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion of my youth. That’s hiliarious. I’ve never smelled one before – and haven’t bought suntan lotion in 40 years at least.

I was commenting today on something weird (for me). The odd song will get me tapping my foot or moving a bit – and I listen to a lot of music in the background. But since the pandemic and the isolating, I sometimes sit on a barstool and sometimes I stand at the bar but quite often, I catch myself just moving right along to the music. If sitting it might be my shoulders or hips, if standing I maybe sway a bit more. It’s happening a lot. And it feels good (and of course I’m doing it) but why is it happening? I listen primarily to radio channels in BC, assorted, and occasionally other places in Canada and all these songs are songs I know. Is it simply that I so appreciate the music? Hmm …

I guess I should go. Soon, time to feed the dogs and feed ourselves. Oh yes, Italian tomato and bread soup, bread baked yesterday shown above. Then wind up a Sunday night with either Pinterest or something on tv if there is anything. My news is over for the day – and I haven’t even checked Covid stats. Tomorrow is Monday, after all. I can get more serious then. Until next week (or thereabouts) – stay safe, stay informed, stay kind.

I didn’t make this – yet. But it’s on my list of ambitions for lock down. Stay tuned.



  1. Georgia Nicols

    OMG You are so ambitious and active!! I feel like a slug reading about your day. I am a slug – well I am working, writing as usual every day, But you clean, garden, cook, create, cook dog food, walk the dogs – pack, unpack, bake bread – sheesh! Of course, your Sagittarian nature hates travel restrictions… you do more in a week than most people do in a month. After reading your blog I have to have a nap. In fact, I shall. 🙂
    Your kitchen looks amazing and the cake?!! So gorgeous and yummy….

    1. admin Post author

      Haha, you’re so funny. You are ALWAYS writing. I’m just ADHD 🙂 And you bet I hate travel restrictions. This is about how I live my life anyway (maybe I’m a little more frantic …) WITH travel. I’m usually gone every 2-3 months and I haven’t been gone in six at least… maybe more I am afraid to count. See you soon … I HOPE!