Day 73: And the beat goes on

Day 73: Didn’t start out as a good day, I had a bit of anxiety but I think I’ve beaten it into submission. The agent is countering today. I’m so torn. I want to sell but I dont’ want to travel until late September/early October. I think that will be our safest time to do so with the pandemic – before the second wave in the fall. I realized that even if we sell and have to leave in July, well, we have our money out and can think about renting here until October and then getting out of dodge. Maybe. It was *never* the plan to spend summer in La Paz in 40 degree C heat. Wtih no pool. La Paz is supposed to be the winter place. But no way can we make it to Canada right now – the quarantine, no house plus flying dogs. It’s going to have to be spring 2021.

Mexico’s numbers are ramping up but with the (no) test system they use, experts are estimating real numbers are up to 10X higher. I know of a few people who have had it and died. Do not know anyone personally but most gringos are self-isolating. Nothing to do anymore about the pandemic here except watch and wait.

Horses on our walk today. PJ would love to chase them so I deked around another block and at the end of his walk came back out. So sweet, poor mother, looks like 2 yearlings (ish) and a baby. A little skinny but not too bad.

Horses – they just let them out to go find grass and no one steals them

That was kind of neat. All the dogs were going nuts behind all the doors though, until the end of the walk, I wasn’t sure what was happening.

Ok, I have to go do some PADI. Just 8am, so lots of time today. Maybe get some cannoli assembled. Photos to come of course.

I need you to read a Salon story if you would please (click on the dark words). I follow the author on Facebook, OMG, he’s witty, sharp and a trump basher. A pundit I guess, but a journalist. The part of the story I want to talk about is the lede (the top part, how he gets to his theory) – his time in Afghanistan. The rest is horrible trump stuff, but we already know all of that. It was the author’s actions in Afghanistan that blew me away. Go read it and come back. Please.

I need to do something like clearing that traffic jam in Canada with respect to fossil fuels and climate change. Looks like I’ll have close to a year to figure out how. It’s a major equation. Won’t come to me overnight. But I need to do it. Yes, Extinction Rebellion, for sure. But more than that. It’s going to be my full time job. I’m open, so it will come to me. Hopefully.

Extinction Rebellion – non-violent civil disobedience

Day 74: Really? It’s only Tuesday? God help us all, this is a slow week for me. We do have a showing this morning at 8:30am. Oh yes, but it’s 4:54 and I’ve been up for an hour so we’ll be in good shape. This showings are starting to get to me already. In Canada, it averages 10 showings before a sale. Here, it seems to be about 100.

I made that up. But it sure feels like it. FM. And then I cannot even THINK about what happens if it does sell. As I noted to someone this morning in a message – here we are, with an illegal van (BC plates), dogs who fight, and either 3,000 miles between us and Canada or 1,000 miles on Mexican roads and an overnight ferry between us and La Paz. And a house full of furniture. While a pandemic peaks in Mexico. This isn’t looking good to me, LOL. Especially when 30-day closings are considered a long close down here.

However, I’m back and going for a swim soon. They loved it, will offer tonight or tomorrow. We sent our counter (came down from asking very little) and are expecting a counter-counter from them. So things are heating up and yet they could still come to naught. I’ve seen that happen down here. And I’m bloody relaxing today. You know how difficult it was to be ready by 8:30? Then they didn’t come until 9am and I was some pissed but they were really nice plus they’re giving us an offer so they are forgiven. Oh yes, I am NOT making any decisions no matter what until after 8pm tonight because the moon is void of course. It would be worse for the buyer than me, I think – the risk of signing on a void moon – but it’s Saga Dawa month (culminating on June 5) and I’m looking out for the buyer. It doesn’t cost me anything 🙂

Day 75: So, the lowball came back, low again, we told him thanks, but no, come back closer or good luck in your search. F-ck that shit. We still have the second couple, who it turns out are the doctors we thought might come on the weekend – so we’ll see if they do offer. We are not unhappy to sit here until the Chicago guy comes back if necessary.

Dog walk and lesson both done and he’s had his pack walk. Cannolis were a couple of days ago and then I made carrot cake. Stress baking LOL.

It’s not like I’m bored. There’s lots to do. In fact, I have part III of DogStar back to edit (not much required but an hour or so of fixing one part). And I haven’t done Padi in ages. Almost don’t care about my schedule today. I guess I’m waiting for the second set of buyers to offer – or not. And I have a new project, very early stages but I need to give it some creative thought as I have a meeting on Saturday. A drinking development meeting. What fun 🙂

Day 76: The doctors are still AWOL (only for two days now, it was almost exactly 48 hours ago that they viewed the house and they work. I was confused, these *are* the ones we were told were the doctors, although it turns out they run dialysis machines or something, in any event, they are health care providers. So, we wait. Maybe they won’t offer. I’m back to sanguine and get down to work.

Yes, it did … and does

I *do* have to do DogStar editing today, I have to do at least one PADI lesson today and pay the staff all for tomorrow (still not coming back, Mexico is going through its peak over the next month, FFS – so it will be July). We made great progress on our creative plan – the concept is ultracool and my co-hosts are quite prominent in their fields — not sure WTF I am doing there but what fun it is. I will share more as I can, I do want you all to check out the podcast when it’s ready.

Confession time: I guess I’d better listen to one (podcast). I’ve actually heard the NY guy, the one who offends some but I don’t mind him – Howard Stern – but he’s the only one I’ve ever heard. CW just told me someone sold a podcast for $100 million. Shut the front door. That’s just nuts.

Anyway. Mexico. The house. The whole thing. Almost eight years here. I put up links to my living on a boat four-piece series for someone (it’s 25 years old!!!) — and was re-reading the kicker as a result. It talks about how living on that boat had led me to some panoramic views, and some pinpoint insights. As I read those words, I thought of Mexico, too. About the same length of time, eight years. And glad we did it, wouldn’t change that. But it’s time. It’s over.

But it’s like that song Kenny Rogers song, You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille – but we’ll figure it out. Moving in a pandemic. A car that is now illegal, two dogs who fight. And 3,000 miles til home. Ah, that’s nothing. There hasn’t been a hole big enough that we haven’t been able to crawl out of it yet. And I suspect I actually know what that hole will be when it happens. But not for a while (with any luck).

So, I better go do some work. I haven’t been writing much lately – apologies. I’m sure I’ll make up for it at least once before Sunday.

Buddy, with a mask on …

Ok, Blue Rodeo (Jim Cuddy of BR) is singing Bad Timing on the radio. I love that band. This song makes me want to write (not edit, as I’m currently doing … ) It’s got that certain chord happening that gives me melancholy thoughts and feelings. I think my musical friend told me it was the key of B. They do some lovely story songs. It’s over. Going back to editing now 🙂

Day 77: And that would be 11 weeks down. Maybe another 11? Who TF knows. Mexico will peak, they now estimate, about June 20. Surely will take another six weeks to go down the other side of that mountain. It’s a steep one. We are not going out there 🙂

I saw this older (maybe not even my age but she looks older), short Mexican woman again today when I did PJ’s first walk about 7:30am. Always in a skirt and low heels and nylons and made up and out knocking on doors looking for houses to clean. Always dressed nicely and so soft spoken and polite. Today I saw her and caught up with her and gave her 100 pesos (all I had on me) to help her a little bit and she thanked me … and then asked if I had any work. Breaks my fucking heart. I cry about her. Just a bit, but it comes by itself. It’s hard to think about. She tries so hard. She does everything right. And she still can’t get anywhere.

I blame the corruption at the root of it all in Mexico. But then everyone shrugs when it happens. The people have no power, so they don’t try. I, on the other hand, will beat a dead horse until it starts to smell (so to speak, I would never really beat a horse, alive or dead). Which is healthier? Shrugging your shoulders or fighting past the conclusion? It depends on the conclusion, I guess. And who is making it. Oy. As my mother (hi Frannie) asked me many times, “Who died and left you boss?” LOL.

We had these for dinner one night, brats on buns. They tasted like brats.

Ok, off to finish the chapter outline of DogStar and page count. CW is working on part IV edits, and then I’ll have a fast pass, and then the first (biggest) edit is done. And we can polish and start to format. Whoo-hoo! Love this part. A story gets really dull to you by the time you’ve written it, then edited it and then edited it again. And this is technically a new book, but the third edition so we’ve written it and edited it and edited it and edited it and edited it and edited it and edited it. And I’m getting pretty tired of reading it now (although the end did make me cry again when I read it for the first time in some years). Long-winded way of saying, later, I have work to do.

Well, the doctors are currently negotiating on a different house – and will come back to ours if it doesn’t work out. So, that’s that. I should do the cards soon. I keep saying I think it’s the guy from Chicago who will buy it and if that is truly so, then I can sit on my hands until August, LOL.

I have a drinking zoom development meeting tomorrow (Saturday) at 3pm. So I have to get lots of rest tonight. I’m excited to tell everyone about it but we have to get a bit further developed and get the name in process (trademark). The concept is good and I can tell you this much – ‘cocktail party’ is part of the title so the drinking is valid, LOLOL. We’ll see where it goes. Fun to try, anyway.

What a week. No more rushing around. I think I need a rest. I wish I could read Spanish better (to understand what really is going on in Mexico). Anyway, it’s Friday and just after 3pm. I may shut it down and even swim. They say rain, they’ve been saying that forever. I *hear* thunder but I’m still waiting (right side of google news).

Have I mentioned that trump is a fucking asshole?

Day 79: Sunday, May 31, 2020. Yes, I somehow missed 78 and just a day later, not sure how that happened. It did rain Friday night, by the way (Day 77). It poured.

And then we have George Floyd. You all know who he is. And America is burning. And it’s about time. You can not treat a group of people the way you have treated African-Americans for 300 years. Did you not think a racist in the White House would stoke the flames? I know I don’t have to tell you what’s at stake. I can’t think that I’ve ever been as disgusted and as angry as I am now at that country. You are complicit in this if you do nothing and say nothing. This was a modern-day lynching on TV. And some of your people applauded. Let that sink in, my American friends. Yeah, I’m mad.

The US seems to be flatlining somewhat on the Covid transmission rate – more states above that magic 1.0 number though, and many close to it. At one point in the past two weeks, only two states were red but then you started opening up again.

The numbers need to go to 0 and nothing much seems to change

Canada is doing well, but as places start limited reopenings, everyone is watching. My infectious disease expert friend (seriously, he’s working in a level 4 biohazard lab resarching a vaccine for this) is still insisting that to him, it behaves no differently than the flu. But he only sees it in a petri dish. He’s not in the emergency rooms, not on the front lines. But sometimes he gives me a perspective that gets my interest. Like how many deaths per million? The US isn’t 1st in the world, they are 9th – out of 145 so still very much up there. And the US sits at 325 per million – where Canada is only at 188 per million (and 80% of those were in senior care residences). Belgium is actually the highest in the world with 821 deaths per million. I can only think it is the density. Here’s the list as of today. And the link to scroll down further.

So, here we are on Sunday again. No showings this week. While we were playing footsies with the lowball offer guy (at the bequest of the agents – give him a counter offer – which I had no intention of doing) — the other couple went to bid on another house – possibly because we were in negotiations (but not confirmed). I’m going to get on this myself today and talk to agents in Mexico City. I’m done playing footsies, period. Time to get this house gone.

Anther day … and if anyone adds ‘in paradise’ I’m going to smack you …

At least, that’s what I say now. And part of me says, nope, sit still until the fall. The trouble is, how can we time it so that an offer comes in 45 days before we want to leave? We can’t. Sometimes I feel like it’s overwhelming. But it’s not. That’s just my sympathy-seeking side probably.

Here is something that astounds me. I get a weekly report on how many hits each post gets. The one that sticks out was a couple of weeks ago, titled: “Day 59: The Good News Issue” (two weeks ago, I think). Anyway, hardly anyone clicked on that issue. So no one wants good news? Seriously. The numbers of post clicks are consistent, week after week. Then, bam! Half the total as other weeks. And it stayed that way. I find that *very* odd. I thought everyone would want some good news?

Ok. Back for just a bit. I need to finish the easy edit on DogStar part IV – CW has done the heavy lifting. Then, I’m going to put them together and send them to the graphic artist to play with the layout. That’s exciting. Changes still to come, of course, but the heavy lifting done and we need to get a sense of length. There are a couple of chapters that need cut, that I know for sure. So, I’m thinking I should just publish. If I have more to say, I’ll say it in next week’s post. It’s Sunday – things move a little slower around here today.

Where are you all at with the pandemic? Are you staying in? Are you cautiously going out with masks? Are you opening a “family bubble” and allowing a controlled number of people in your presence? I’d love to hear how you are doing it. We are thinking of the controlled bubble but not sure. The cases and the deaths are climbing in Mexico, so I think not yet. But I’m getting pretty tired of all this 🙂

Ok, until next week. Do write if you have the inclination.

Stay safe, stay informed, stay kind.



  1. Lou Christen Reply


    As the Streetcar conductor said, “Hold on tight going around the corners!” Selling a property while the world heads into a depression could be very difficult. Everybody expects RE values/Prices to fall. I’ll say a prayer that you get lucky.
    Big Hugs,

    1. admin Post author Reply

      Thanks, Lou. I think we will be ok but will end up with pesos and who knows WTF they will be worth tomorrow.

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