Day 94: I can’t believe we’ll break 100 this week

Day 94: Monday June 15. Middle of the month. Here we are. Another week. Today’s showing (was tentative) will be later this week. Which is a good thing – gives me something to be hopeful about for a few days. It’s just something to hold in the back of my head and when my mind is empty, that will come up instead of monkey chatter. Although, as I think I’ve mentioned … sometimes I’m not even sure I want to go right now. I’d like someone to buy it though. So, I think it’s just the whole moving phase I’d like to avoid. Wouldn’t we all.

Well, here I am, no PADI yet, nothing. Working on my persona. LOL.  My hat persona. Like the guy from Heaven Can Wait

Day 95: Tuesday. Two dog walks down, dog out with trainer. That will be him for the day, he’ll be worn out and compliant. Just what you want in a bull terrier. I finished three PADI sections already today so I feel caught up. I reactivated some old story ideas this morning. Things are hopping during lockdown, I’ll tell ya.

We sent DogStar to the designer for copy editing and layout yesterday, he should have something for us at the end of the weekend. We are moving along with our show – a podcast *and* show on Youtube. Yes, me, the one who doesn’t even put her photo up on her Facebook profile. WTF happened to me? I think we will launch on Tuesday, July 28. And by then we will have three episodes posted and add one a week. Boomer Bitches Cocktail Hour. You are all invited. I’ll get the link when it’s ready. Our first guest is the former head of Paramount Pictures who was responsible for movies like Top Gun, Ghost and Terms of Endearment. We aren’t fucking around here.

One of my three new masks

Wait until you see the rest of the lineup. So you can understand why I want a hat 🙂 Makes the case for a facelift though. But I really wanted a Zoltar machine. And the house isn’t sold yet.

And then, there’s the new website, has hit some glitches, google adsense is getting tricky. But maybe that should be ready by August too. But that’s only 6 – 7 weeks away. They fly by. This is week 14 coming up. That doesn’t mean I like them any better, just because they are flying by. But I guess I’m getting used to them. And crossing off days on the calendar.

Okay, I have to go write two “about us” pages. Back in a while.

The basil seems to be growing slowly, everything does.

Day 96: Another day, another day. Dog walked twice and out with the trainer. Floor washed in the dog’s hall. The only other two I’m washing are the kitchen and dining room. The rest of them are fine.

Flowers will come, I imagine around 11:15am or 11:30. With my Costco order. He has to go two different places, our delivery driver fellow, so it might take a while. Costco’s not allowed to sell flowers (not essential) but City Market is? I think it’s just store policy.

No PADI today. Researching questions for our first cocktail hour taping tomorrow.

Day 98: Yes, I missed 97. Sorry. Missed the end of 96 too, the house looked wonderful but it didn’t do it for them. So that was a waste of a day. Except the house is tidy and full of flowers which is always nice. I think I’m about to get depressed again but in two hours it’s bedtime so maybe I can scramble through it.

Most things are good. DogStar is with the copy editor and designer for formatting. The cover needs a few changes. But we’ll have to get a hard copy proof copy and proof it before we release the book so it will be August anyway. Which is fine because of Mercury Retrograde.

Birds in the front of the house

The podcast/show is moving along. Lots of different ways we could go. But first, to launch (July 28, will provide link). It’s fun to do it. I’ve been not too too disciplined with PADI this week (it’s Friday) but I did get some done. More next week. And I have to try and find some research on the natives who defended the La Paz area in the 1500s from the Spaniards. And hopefully sunk a few ships. Up next: treasure hunting. I took a stab at doing some research a couple of months ago but got sidelined. Squirrels.

But I think tonight I will take myself and my new Real Simple magazine to bed and if I last through the magazine, I’ll read some more Kingpin. And get a good night’s sleep. After all, tomorrow *is* another day (don’t start).

Day 99: Good heavens. Day 100 is tomorrow. That’s making me a little anxious, LOL. I did go to bed early, I did read the magazine and some more book. But woke up at 1:30 and dozed and chanted off and on until 4:30 when the old dog started barking to go out. So maybe I’ll have a nap later. One dog walk done. Big one still to go.

Walks long done, it’s 12:30, don’t know how I got here. Did I mention my keyboard just stopped working – bam, gone – on my laptop? Using a USB until I can get a new one. This mercury retrograde has been a disaster and will be through July 27, they say. I’m just really tired and bored and kind of Je ne sais quoi … not quite distressed but getting there. I just need a rest, I really didn’t get that much sleep last night.

Our Heleconias are blooming like mad, all over the tropical wall

It seems that for long stretches, nothing seems to happen (except computer failures, that is). Sure, I have projects and thank god for that but DogStar is coming to a close. Yes, we should have the proofread copy back, formatted maybe by the end of the weekend. That will be fun. And there is the show – there will be lots of behind the scenes stuff that has to be done if it comes together as it seems to be doing.

Oh crap, I need art for tomorrow (photos). Hmmmm. I’ve already given you the book cover but I might do it again. There will be shots. I’ll go take some now.

And OMG, I have hardly written anything so far. Time to be prolific. What horrors of the inner workings of my mind can I share with you this week? I briefly considered the cost of a private jet to leave with the two dogs this week (and Chris). Just say, f-ck it, take the next jet and get out of town. No lineups, nobody else on the plane. Anywhere from $3,000 – $5,000 per hour (5-hour flight). I just thought I’d check.

If things reach a crazy pitch down here and we sell the house, you never know. But there may be less expensive alternates. Just as a real out, if everything goes to hell. And then there goes the hot tub, the face lift and the Zoltar machine, forever.

Zoltar – you will be mine one day!

I was wondering the other day, just why do I want a Zoltar machine? He was in the movie, Big, but I remember him before that. Was he on Coney Island in the movie? I think so. In my memory, I have Zoltar associated with the NJ boardwalk before that asshole came in with his casinos. I just love him to bits. Zoltar, not that asshole but you knew that even though my grammatical structure was wrong.

But back to Zoltar for a moment. Would a pinball be better and more practical? It wouldn’t be as cool but will we get tired of Zoltar? And where will we get dollar bills, we have dollar coins in Canada … nah, I don’t want a pinball machine. I have had one (in the late 80s) and it was fun but I don’t want one. I want Zoltar. Ok, there, that’s settled. And not one of those cheap $34.95 mini replicas. The real thing.

Tomato soup & grilled cheese

We’re having tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner, how’s that for comfort food? And I’ll go to bed early and hopefully get up in a more enthusiastic mood. Oh yeah, it’s the edge of the new moon solar eclipse in Cancer with mercury retrograde and having just gone into the summer season officially. That could be making me antsy. I better go look it up.

Day 100: Sunday, June 21. Also summer solstsice, new moon lunar eclipse in Cancer and mercury retrograde. Just in case you were wondering.

I’m having a fried egg sandwich for breakfast and it’s horrible. Don’t ever let anyone tell you the food down here is not different. The raw product. Eggs are different (really weak and flavourless yolks and thin whites), poultry is different (skin never crisps), red meats are different (no fat – if I’m doing a shredded pork anything I have to add bacon fat). And in restaurants, it’s Mexican (sometimes fusion in the fancier spots) or Italian.

More I guess in Mexico City which is far more cosmopolitan than the rest of the country. Which is not cosmo at all. I’m in a place with only 800,000 or so people – not as multicultural a country as we are in Canada. Ok, rant done. Even my friend is commenting that it’s time for me to leave. Duh. I’ve been trying for a long time. This house has been for sale for over a year and it took me almost that long before the listing moment to get consensus. I am so out of here. I think I’ll pack some more later today. There are lots of dishes in the Chinese cupboard that I never use. Just to prompt the universe.

As you can maybe tell, I’m clearly better today (back to bitching haha). Sleep. Sleep is really important. If you can’t sleep, try something – camomille tea before bed, chanting to sleep, count backwards from 100. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep one night, get one the next night and you’ll feel better.

Schedules are also essential. At least, that’s what the guy in jail (in the book) said last night. I’ve also been reading a lot more. Books, I mean. I go through spurts, but I’ve had a book by the bed for 100 days, I can tell you that. Not the same one. I usually read quickly. I read Magic Time in two hours. Hopefully, the author will be one of our guests, he’s a friend of one of my co-hosts.

I’m kind of getting used to the idea of being on camera. Kind of. I’m not really in the witness protection program. I just don’t like my pictures. Plus, I think I spent a lot of my time trying to look anonymous on purpose, for multiple reasons, which are not for today. Some are quite valid, though. One is that my moon and rising are both Scorpio. I don’t want to be front and centre.

I’m not really shy in public – I don’t really care much what anyone thinks of me or my views. I mean, I try to be understanding of their views and in some cases I will even shut my mouth in order not to annoy an older person (that’s pretty old by the way) and I consider myself tolerant. Not tolerant of racism, misogyny, homophobia or any procilivities of that ilk, never. But other’s opinions or views. However, what they think of my views, or of me, is really not my concern. It just isn’t.

I think I learned that from Don Ruiz. Not 100% certain my memory serves me well but I believe so. I’ve never cared much what others’ opinions of me are. I recall very specifically reading, maybe when I was 10 or 11, about how when you were dead, you were dead. All alone. Not with those people who thought you were wonderful or horrible. And when you were put in that casket, you were in there all by yourself, not with anyone else. And, that you are the only one who could ever know your every thought and how you really feel about everything – so you are the only one who can understand or know what is right or wrong for you. It really stuck with me.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t consider the advice of good friends and others with experience – not at all. It just means that if you pass any kind of judgement on me – kindly or cruelly – it maters not because it’s none of my business. That’s all about them, not me. It’s not mean or anything, it just kind of is. And it matters not 🙂

Don Miguel Ruiz. And he had those four agreements: Be impeccable with your word. Don‘t take anything personally. Don‘t make assumptions. Always do your best. Simple, no? It works.

Ok, I have to find art. And maybe a song, because this a short blog. Found one. A repeat but the only cover I’ve ever thought was as good as the original (and I love Mark Knopfler).

The first show took a lot of energy this week – getting mentally ready. But it was fun and they will be less prep as we go on. So next week will be more focused. I hope. Until next week.

Stay safe, stay informed, stay kind.



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