I’m only counting the last day from now on

Publishing day scheduled for Sunday, July 19, 2020 – Day 128.

Working away. I’m having my chart read by an astrologer by Zoom tomorrow morning. I’ll let you know what they say (it’s only Wednesday). Then, in lieu of taping the show tomorrow – we’re just doing drinks at the regular time by Zoom with a potential bitch. That being short and singular form for BoomerBitches™.  And in between, the agent is showing the house — to the guy we bought it from. I’m serious. She told him, this is our price, we don’t want lookers if he won’t pay this price, go away now and he insists he’s serious. OMG it looks so different. This is just the kitchens and not the same shot but at least looking the same way:

I’ll find some more or take some that are positioned as the old. That stove is just
about where my hanging pots are (below). Below looks from the other direction.

Here’s a Washington Post story (of all things) with the good news about what’s happening with the virus. I say ‘of all things’ becaue they have been trying to scare the shit out of their readers for the most part.

Now it’s Thursday. The reading, the showing, the cocktails on Zoom are all today, busy day. And funny, but I feel like I felt just before I left the house on Walker – which makes me think maybe he will buy it. But I doubt it. Why would he give us a lot more pesos more than he sold it to us for? And that’s what it takes for us to leave (humungous renovations). And we did do huge work. Could have made 10% on this money elsewhere without lifting a finger. And we’re still priced 15% below appraisal. And we’ll take a hit on the exchange. So, bad investment. But, onward.

Old astronomical clock on Old Town Hall, Prague, Czech Republic

The reading was great – Rosa joined us at the end (the other bitch) and the astrologer is a true bitch, we think. And wants to be one. We think. We’re having Rosa read next week and all of this will be part of Episode 0. We’re thinking that the astrologer needs to be done on video – because she’s in South Africa and the time zone may be too far for live talk. Anyway, gotta run, I have another zoom at 4pm. Holy.

Oh yeah, I am Sagittarius, not Capricorn!!! This revelation is not based on the hospital recorded time (which is 00 degrees Cap) but based on my personality and history and original time of 4:10am which I had gotten from my father when he was in his 60s, and which could have been off after all these decades for sure.

If you are born at 4:24am on my date and in my place, you are Sag, 4:25am, you are Capricorn. Which makes total sense. It’s quite possible that the hospital did not record the time to the exact minute – why would they think that was important? Especially at 4am. So, it’s most likely I’m Sagittarius, given all the clues. I’m glad. Sheesh. I didn’t think I had any Capricorn in me. Never have thought that.

My first reading, with Georgia Nicols, 25 years ago revealed that I was a Sagittarius (but just). But then, recently, the hospital pulled my time of birth from the microfiche and it appeared to have changed to Capricorn. But not so. (One minute difference in birth time between Cap and Sag at that specific time.)

Capricorns aren’t gamblers or risk takers. I live to take risks and I do like to gamble although it seems to be only poker when I go home these days. And those one armed bandits on an app. I can’t even think of what they are really called. Slot machines, right.

I am very ambitious, single-minded and will work hard but I’ve pretty much taught myself all that. Money means nothing except a way to live and I do love to spend it, but money isn’t a measurement to me. Not a measure of anything (you could have gotten it like trump did, by inheritance and cheating). I could care less what I look like. These are all very unCapricorn traits. I’m sold. Sagittarius Sun with Scorpio Moon and Rising in Scorpio. Phew.

I’m reading Mary trump’s book. It’s well enough written and okay. Not telling me anything I didn’t really know about him, but maybe a bit of how he became that way. But I’m a behaviourist. I don’t care how he got that way.

Just an art shot that CW took

Also, interestingly enough, I have three or four quadrants (out of 12 sections/houses) that are empty. I’m serious. And there are four cardinal elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water. I have no air, no earth elements. Not surprised really. I’m not grounded (no earth elements) and I get bored easily (no air elements). Good thing, I think, that’s it’s water and fire I do have — water will put out fire. But if it were fire and air? I’m just speculating but I bet that is an explosive combination.

Wow, Friday already and end of day to boot. We got a lot sorted out yesterday. And today. Hopefully, we have found our astrologer. She’s lovely. I’ll link to her once she says yes for sure. We will only be expecting three clips from her, pre-recorded, about two minutes each, three of them, regarding the guest and their chart. And we’ll lead off each half-hour episode with one of the astrology clips. That way, she doesn’t have to come to the taping at all. We’re currently exploring the options – bringing her into the fold or hiring her. We’ll see.

Sunrise upside down

And with this format, we get three half hours and three “parts” to one episode. Three acts. They will all be posted at the same time, but the length is 30 minutes (or less) each. That works, we think.

Oh yeah, if the astrologer is pre-recorded on tape (self-recording, she’s good, she works in a studio) — then who is the third Boomer Bitch? Good question. You’ll meet her at the show. She was the assistant choreographer for, and a dancer on, Dirty Dancing (the movie) but has done a lot of other wonderful stuff too.

And she was a real hippie – I’ve got some great black and white shots of her at love-ins in the ’60s with her band member boyfriends for our website.

And we’re moving ahead on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Pinterest (what the hell). In for a dime and all that. It’s a lot of work. I’ve already done the business plan and the format sheet and considered a budget but at the moment, the only expenses are small. We need a website built and I’ve got a lot of great photos (from an agency). I have programs but have to learn them.

Our banner for Facebook (with Boomer Bitches logo on left)

Saturday already. Day 127. They’re all the same now. Unless we sell (and then we will move stealthily and carefully), we are inside until spring 2021 at least. It’s the not flying home that’s killing me.

This has been a ‘time out’ for me though. We updated DogStar to Kindle and paperback formats, available on July 28. The paperback won’t do an advance sale like the Kindle, but I think a hard copy is better, the cover is really nicely done (our graphics guy in London).

DogStar, available in paperback July 28, Kinde preorder click here

Oh, Mott the Hoople is on the radio. All the Young Dudes. Have to mention it, it reminds me of Tom. Okay, it’s over.

Day 128: I actually made it and will publish tonight or tomorrow. Busy day, production schedules, recording intros and outros (CW’s doing that voice for us). I think tomorrow we will or won’t have a commitment from the astrologer. I hope. Because we are getting close to the deadline. So, until next time, play nice. I will write more soon. Please let me know how YOU are doing if you have a chance.

Stay safe, stay informed, stay kind.

Over and outl, I have a green meanie waiting.



  1. Lou Christen

    You ‘sound’ a lot happier. Maybe reading Mary’s book made you feel ‘well’ (relative to DJT) ?

    I’m a Sag too. (Dec 17th) Got to have a project going or life doesn’t seem to matter.

    Big hugs,