Are the walls closing in? Nah.

Tuesday, August something. 11th I think. This morning, I was really feeling the walls closing in. Found this on FB. It’s what I’ve been doing. I’m really bored with it all.

My grandmother once gave me a tip:
In difficult times, you move forward in small steps.
Do what you have to do, but little by little.
Don’t think about the future, or what may happen tomorrow.
Wash the dishes.
Remove the dust.
Write a letter.
Make a soup.
You see?
You are advancing step by step.
Take a step and stop.
Rest a little.
Praise yourself.
Take another step.
Then another.
You won’t notice, but your steps will grow more and more.
And the time will come when you can think about the future without crying.

– Elena Mikhalkova

Back to that “patience my ass” meme. But I guess the thing is to just think about today. Which is hard for a ‘throw it forward’ person.

Now it’s Saturday! Four days went by and I’m fine. In fact, I’m good. There were some rough astrological things going on, I gather. Sheesh, as if we don’t have enough to contend with 🙂

Man, we have a good third bitch. Well, technically, she’s a guest Boomer Bitch™ but if she works out, we’ll keep her. Double Aires. I’m double Scorpio and my partner is double Capricorn. Will make for good TV. And there’s another one we need to get on the show, she’s triple Scorpio. No fear at all over at Boomer Bitches™.  We’ll take on any institution, including the church. As our astrologer says, “No wimps allowed”.

I had some thoughts this week, a result of a few exchanges with someone on Facebook who I blocked after being subjected to some rude, wrapping themselves in the flag comments about America. 

The thought I had actually concerned America 50 years ago. Or 55, to be more exact. The draft (the first lottery) for the Vietnam war wasn’t until December 1, 1969 – almost 1970. So everyone who signed up before that, did so either out of some misplaced patriotic indoctrination that had them believing that America was doing this to further democracy around the world – or because they wanted an education. The second is pretty sad.

I saw a meme yesterday (that I can’t find) that started this thought thread. The person was complaining that “student loan forgiveness” would be a slap in the face to them as they had served in Vietnam, been shipped overseas and had killed aliens for the right to have a free education and now they wanted to give it away for nothing. The second part of the meme was how fucking sad (sorry, Lou) it is when a country forces its young people to go to a foreign country and murder people of colour, all so they can get an education. America is an oil company with an army, never forget that. And the military budget is almost 1 TRILLION a year. Why is that? I’m not even going there. Half capitalism, half oil cartels and 100% greed and corruption. But no money for social programs. Can’t help those people. They aren’t white. FM. 

I sometimes wonder if people like my former facebook friend actually voted for trump. Maybe they only voted third-party but you never know.  They may have voted for Hillary but I doubt it. Have you seen the “trumpy bear” by the way? trump is trying to equate himself with “Teddy” Roosevelt, who is rolling over in his grave. Comes with a zippered pouch inside and a flag you can wrap yourself in. And that’s how it is advertised. How have (at least 37% of) Americans come to this? SMH. Trumpy Bear: Toys & Games

And that was where this thought went. There’s little difference in the divide in this country now than there was 50-55 years ago when they went to Vietnam to kill “the yellow man”. For the first almost five years, young men and women signed up and volunteered to go invade another country and kill aliens. Why? It was America’s job to kill those commies – because commies didn’t believe in America’s capitalist system.  Better dead than red (read: yellow). That inherent racism is back of course, with the “Chinese flu” but that’s a different rant. 

It was one deep divide once they instituted the draft. I met many of the Americans who dodged the draft and came to Canada. A large number of them came to BC. My old friend Rosie used to offer draft dodgers free passage (smuggling them) into Canada. We welcomed them with open arms. I guess sometimes, kids just had no futures so they enlisted. The army was the place to go. That’s the other thing about the American military – it employs a shit load of people to this day and is a large part of the American economy. If they weren’t hell-bent on murdering aliens, the economy might fall apart. 

But America needs to fall apart so it can rebuild. This current model is a blood-sucking world pariah and no one trusts them or will ever trust them again as long as the current model of government that facilitated and enabled trump is still active.

I still don’t understand why 3 million of you, a mere 1% of your population, have not stormed the white house with torches and taken your country back. Face it. It needs to fall apart completely, so it can rebuild again. I do have hopes for Joe and Kamala. If it’s ever allowed to happen.

Sorry, I have to give you this brilliant Aaron Sorkin show clip (eight years old so don’t say you weren’t warned!) one more time, and then America is dead to me again for a while:

So, done my rants, courtesy of Mr. Bridges and Sorkin.

We have a showing today, in an hour or so (Saturday) and a Zoom showing to someone in Victoria, BC tomorrow. That’s 100km from where we are going back to. Don’t laugh. It looks like they really want it. I played along for a while but now I’ve come to think they are serious. I will report back, I’m not going to publish until Monday. And early, because Monday I have to get right back to work.

I have to finish an ‘addendum’ edit to a ghost book from two years ago, then write six blog posts for a website.  I’ve gone ahead and booked tomorrow with the walkthrough and then the agent (and the dog trainer, her S.O.) are coming to the patio, six feet apart from us, with masks, for ribs. Chris is cooking. I made an Asian Udon Peanut Noodle Salad. And I’ll make homemade Margherita pizza tomorrow for an appetizer. 

I stole the idea, I sent a friend some basil and he said he would use it for that. We have great basil. Huge leaves now. And I have some 000 flour to make the dough, some fresh moz, fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce. So that’s simple. I do not have a round pan though and that really bothers me. 

During Covid, you’ve watched those basils grow from this: 


And this:

This is the curly basil, good strong scent, will try on half the pizza

I planted more seeds so we’d have new ones started once these mature. I keep pinching the flowers off but you can only do that so often.

Sunday now. Today we zoom. Day 156. We haven’t been out except to walk the dog, but we have allowed three people inside our bubble: the real estate agent and her dog trainer husband and our neighbour from two doors down the street. Outside only, back patio by the pool, distanced seating and masks.

They are claiming the peak is almost here in Mexico – but they also said that in April/May. I saw a lab tech going into a house down the street this morning at 7:30am, I think it was probably for a Covid test. We are being extra careful.

Monday night, day 157, August 17, 2020. There you go, just to keep you updated on where we are at. We had our zoom and our zoom walk-through. We’d already drop boxed them some video walk throughs. All went well. They went away to sort out the logistics and hopefully to make an offer this week. We’re not sure how it would work, as they don’t want to come here twice. So that means buying it without physcially seeing it, and closing when the arrive.

But, in order to hold it for them for the next three months, we will need a 10% deposit. We had a showing Saturday and they liked it too (haven’t heard a peep but these are weekend house buyers, I guess they are under no time pressures). So we can’t take it off the market for less than 10%, non-refundable.

They sound serious, they’ve thought this out – they’re just starting their adventure – the one that we started eight years ago. And it would be a lot easier for them to pay in Canadian dollars, in Canada and have us ease their landing. We’re around until spring (then back to Canada) and can answer questions and recommend service people. So Ojala, bring it on and all that. But I’m still not holding my breath. I’m done doing that. Turns my face blue 🙂

I think I’ll wait until tomorrow -Tuesday, to send this out. it’s getting late and I need to find photos and think about whether or not there is any more news. I’m preoccupied – in the middle of two jobs and we tape tomorrow. We have great, great clips from our astrologer. Ok, that’s it for tonight. Manana.

Ok, it’s Tuesday. Offer coming soon, I bet. Should I wait, or publish? Maybe I’ll wait. Otherwise, you won’t know what happened for another 10 days. I’ll think a bit. Nothing that exciting in here that it won’t hold and I’m not really in the mood 🙂

CW had an interesting point this morning. For a long time, we have been sitting in a situation (regarding the house) where we have no personal control. Yeah, we can make it look nice, we can advertise, we can promote but we can’t make it sell. And until it does, anything we might plan is kind of moot. Witness La Paz. Off the table for the moment, anyway. I wouldn’t have guessed that in March. Somehow. But things are on hold.

We can’t lock in a place until we are out of here. So we can’t do any planning. And we really are both look ahead people. I’d like to get on with it, as difficult as it will be. I guess he’s right about the uncertainty and lack of ability to control things. There’s the condo – that should be closed by the end of September and out of our hands by November, I hope. The developer has a list of people who want to buy in the building (but there are none left so he will share). Until it closes, I wont sleep easy though 🙂

It’s supposed to be a fantastic new moon in Leo today but something sure has the hair on my back up. Who knows what it is. Maybe not so much the hair on my neck but I’m on edge. I am looking forward to a few drinks with the bitches!

Well, here we are now, Wednesday evening, just waiting for dinner to finish baking (sheet pan chicken and veggies). We have a showing on Friday morning so I’m not going to publish until Sunday. No offers yet. And maybe we won’t get any.

Episode 0 – Meet the Boomer Bitches™ was pretty incredible, if I do say so myself. We laughed a lot. And spoke about some very … how can I put it … politically incorrect things. And taboo subjects. Sex. Our third bitch likes to talk a lot about sex. Mostly how she doesn’t get any 🙂 She’s very funny.

I look really wrinkled on camera. Really wrinkled. I probably look like that in real life, too, LOL. I don’t know what to do except embrace it. I did order some facelift tape from China that I plan to apply ON the show and see what the girls think 🙂

Here’s a shot of us:

Boomer Bitches™ clockwise from top left: Rosa, Bev, Jonna.

Now it’s Saturday. Oy. No offers. The showing for yesterday was postponed until next week. Lots of work for me to do today – I’m working on another tv project and finishing up the ghost book update and finishing off this month’s ghost blog posts.

The ladies from the island emailed and made a date to talk to the agent later this morning. I guess that means they aren’t out yet but I honestly don’t hold out much hope that they are going to buy. Somehow, it seems like too big of a jump for them. But people probably said that about us, too. It’s not over until the fat lady sings. Why do they say that? Doesn’t she sing at the beginning of the baseball games?

So, I’ll test some more Zoom today, I’m not so happy with the set up I have. I’d like to have the camera set up a little further away. I think I can do that. Maybe. A few gray days lately – a couple of hurricanes coming up in the gulf, one just passed in the Pacific and we’re in the center of it all. I don’t mind, even gray days seem to give solar power and heat the pool, which isn’t going below 90F which is good although I prefer 93.

Now, we have a new showing at 3:30pm today – someone from Mexico City, last minute booking. Very cool. And the agent is talking to the girls from Vancouver Island as I type. So things are really heating up. Sometimes, I can barely breathe. Just a turn of phrase, don’t worry, not literal or Covid.

What else? The show is coming along. It’s really a lot of work, but it’s coming along. Ideas evolving and it gets more organized, and better.

Jezus, this post turned into another book. It’s Tuesday, August 25! Day 165. Holy crap.

We got an offer from the Canadians yesterday and prepared a counter offer. Waiting to hear back to see if the doctor or the other party (who had us narrowed down to one of two houses) are interested in submitting an offer before we get into good faith negotiations with the Cannuks. I suppose we could blow this, but we have a good chance of selling this week, I think.

We are having a socially-distanced lunch here on the patio on Thursday, which should be fun. Ordering from Las Casas, they have a great full lunch for four that they deliver.

Well, it’s Friday now (day 169) and I might as well post. We sent the Victoria buyers a counter offer with today as the drop dead date. Thursday night, they asked for an extension to counter our counter on Monday and we said fine. I don’t know if this is going to work or not. But I guess we just keep going. There are still two other parties with interest – but they have not put forth any offers yet.

PJ is off to the vet. For bloodwork and a doppler ultasound. I have to remember that he is on serious medications (nine pills a day, some quite strong) and that he’s very sick, even though the meds make him appear pretty normal. That’s one of the most traumatic things in my life right now, I think, is worrying about him. He wasn’t well this morning. Wouldn’t take his pills, didn’t eat. It might pass, it usually does. But what a sad life that little fella has had.

Ok, enough doom and gloom. My new phone finally got here, that’s why you’re seeing better photos! And we had a great time last night with Rosa and Kurt, they brought instant (5-minute) Covid-19 tests so we didn’t have to wear masks. That’s the way to go for sure. I am indeed very worried about my dog but it is what it is and I’ll know more later. God, I just want some peace. But that’s something I need to create myself. Until next time folks:

Stay safe, stay informed, stay kind.