It’s September now …

It’s September now, and the leaves are starting to turn colour. At least somewhere. Not here, LOL. Saturday morning, August 29, 2020.  But it will be September when I publish. No idea what day it is of isolation. None. That calendar is at my other desk.

As far as PJ goes, we’ve come to our senses. We’ve been looking at him like a dog who is sick but is doing well under medication. When actually, he is a dog with a progressive disease that won’t stop until it kills him and he is doing well under medication. But he won’t last a lot longer. So we just make it as good as we can for him. The average life expectancy is 6 months to 2 years once diagnosed (cardiomyopathy). He was diagnosed about 2.5 years ago. We get the full results of the doppler and bloodwork today, I think, but the vet cautioned that his heart is indeed, further enlarged. And we’ll be giving him MORE medicine, not less.

So, I’m going to keep him well-fed and happy. And let him do what he wants (within reason). If he wants to walk, we’ll walk. If he doesn’t, we’ll sleep. Or he will. We’ll let sleeping dogs lie. Always good advice. And he’s been a bit tired after his adventure – they upped some meds but his kidney levels look a bit better than last November so that’s good. All is good for now.

The old days …

I have not had any good experiences with Mexican dogs, not the rescues and groups, not poor old Waylon who I got totally manipulated into trying to help and ended up like a fucking horror show and not PJ. Of course, I should have known better – bull terriers are bred VERY selectively in most of Canada. Not so here. Not good. Don’t breed dogs with congenital heart failure.

Sunday now and the potential buyers are supposed to present another offer tomorrow, we countered but they want to counter again. But here, they are presented as new each time. This really has been a long road. Shoot me if I ever buy a house in a dead market again.

Meetings tomorrow (zoom) and back to the mines, so to speak. Our first show guest with the new BB will be Tuesday and it will be fun.  I am going to try to stay off Facebook and stay away from US news for a bit. It dominates too much of my day. Everyone’s day really.

I have another interesting project and the big update to the already big memoir I ghosted is going into production as Volume I and Volume II so lots of fun there. I’m not being flip, I love being involved in choosing the cover art and seeing the whole book come together. Especially because all my heavy lifting is done. Now it’s the fun part. I need to give it one more fast read through but the frigging thing is 300,000 words (two volumes, thankfully). Most of my heavy lifting is done but I need to give it a read through before giving it to the designer.

In any event, lots to do and lots to keep my mind off the offer tomorrow. And I think we got our 30-day notice for the condo. So hopefully that will be sold soon.

Monday morning. All is good. Had a good sleep, calm and restful. Had a good morning so far (been up for two hours since 4:40ish). Fed and pilled dogs, made coffee, surfed but didn’t get too involved in the USA this morning. Had a nasty interaction yesterday with another flag-wrapping American but I blocked him.  Not going there today. Done with America for a while.

these grow on the volcanic rock walls

PJ is perfectly normal this morning. Good walk, has pretty much bounced back to normal. I so have to remember that he’s sick and sometimes, he’s in pain and grumpy and it’s not personal. I need to drill that into my head.

Now it’s Wednesday morning. We heard from the Canadians on Monday, they would like very much to accept our offer but need a few days to get their ducks in a row. They seem sincere, so we’ll wait. It feels very unstressed, actually. We should hear back by the 10th.

Here’s an astrology joke from the Bitches:

We taped the bitches again last night, oh my, we laugh! Our guest was the founder and director of the largest film festival in Mexico – GIFF (Guanajuato International Film Festival). It was a great show and fun. We tape 2 hours (ish, sometimes 1.5) – and we get a fantastic 30 minutes out of it. I’m excited about the show. For anyone who might be a little squeamish, please don’t watch it. We drink, we swear, we smoke dope. No topic is sacred. I mean, we’ll talk about not only anything but anybody. So if you’re easily offended, by all means, do not watch 🙂

I think if you’re not a baby boomer or younger, you’ll find offense here for sure. Anyway, you have been warned. Enter at your own risk if you were born before 1946. And check out the clip below (down several pictures). It will give you a good sense.

So, back again, now it’s Saturday, September 5. Crazy how time flies. Somewhere in the day 170s, it’s on my calendar in the other room. I might have to pull some tarot cards tonight but if I come up with that damned hangman I’ll be really kinda P-O’ed. I’m going to publish tomorrow, Sunday, and then we should hear something by Thursday and I’ll publish again next Sunday.

The Pandemic is still here and it still sucks. Mexico is still bad. I haven’t been out but CW goes to the dentist on Tuesday. I hope all is good. He just has to wear a mask and be super careful and not talk to anyone. And he won’t go if they aren’t masked up when he gets there.

I’m itching to get home, just itching. Still no direct flights to Vancouver from Mexico City on Air Canada and I will not fly a Mexican airline at this time. I can get an okay price through Toronto and get a lie-down seat all by myself. But nothing at the moment to go for really if we aren’t moving now.

Condo should close at the end of the month. Thankfully, we could borrow privately so didn’t have to be there. We’ll see how we make out once it’s sold. I really hope that’s over by early November. If it works, we’ll do it again. The same builder has several new builds and there are others.

This is the balcony on the condo. I like it. There were no full water views left when I signed up or we might have gone for them but the balconies and floor plans were smaller. It’s top left with the fake person on it.

Ugh. We are so on hold again. I will write a bit more in the morning, and try to decide if there’s enough to publish. Ugh. Ugh. Tarot card time. I’ll tell you about them tomorrow.

Now it’s Monday. Tarot sucked, all fives and sixes. I need major arcana 🙂 September 6 and actually, now that i have my calendar, day 178. Things are going well. I should play the Boomer Bitches™ promo tape for you. And this is about as tame as it gets:

It’s pretty funny. Tomorrow’s guest is a retired boomer priest with purple hair. Should be fun.

We should hear from the Canadians by Thursday. Did I also tell you someone made a lowball offer from Belgium? An existing client of a Mexico City agent who saw it online. That’s kinda wild. We went back to him with some more details – it’s all a numbers game, I guess. But holy, what a different one down here. In any event, we’ll get out. Better happen soon if they want us out by the end of November though 🙂

CW made a real cassoulet. He even made a paste of pork fat/baked garlic to start the stock. It was great. This is one of the stages.

It was very good. But very rich. Those are two confit (marinated) duck legs, fat side up. Once cooked, the duck falls off and you shred it on top of the bowls. I don’t normally care for duck unless it’s Peking Duck but this was good. The French know what they are doing.

Peking Duck. When you ask in Hong Kong about the best place to get Peking Duck, do you know what they say? Vancouver!

Ok, I’m going to look at places for rent in Vancouver. Horseshoe Bay to be specific. Talk tomorrow. I might as well wait until next weekend now.

Oy. Tuesday. Same old, same old. I have started to write the book outline for Why I Left Mexico. However, it may not be a book, we’ll see. It may just be a feature story length. But that’s what the outline is for – to tell me what I’ve got.

And it’s Bitch day. Always fun. We meet at 4pm. So I do have the whole day. PADI, you ask? What happened to your dive course? Well, I was half done the last section but it’s been so long, I’ll repeat the whole section. But, now I am concerned, I have one year to complete the online part – so March or April 2021. I will push that, because once I pass the exam, I then only have one year to do my open water dive. And who knows when I’ll get to warm water again (it’s an international license so I can open water anywhere in the world but it has to be south). So, the longer I push it, the more time I have to schedule the OWD somewhere nice. And when I get a timing idea, I can finish up the course in a week. I am not doing my OWD in BC, that water is cold!

Okay, Wednesday. Evening. Yesterday was a good bitch day, the episode will be titled The Priest with the Purple Hair. I spent today time coding Episode 0, Meet the Bitches. Tomorrow I hope to get onto the Sarah Hoch episode. Need a title for that.

We are suppopsed to be getting an offer on the house from a Mexican couple who saw it about a month ago. And tomorrow is the deadline for the Canadians. So things could get busy. I’ve kind of gotten used to sitting here and not going anywhere. But I’ll have to hustle and find a rental if we do sell (remember – we aren’t going back until Spring because of the old dog). My oh my. The reality is hitting me.

I lost about 10 lbs since Covid started. So I’m trying to gain weight. Yesterday I ate two bacon sandwiches, 2 bananas and a half pound bacon cheeseburger. And three beer. Today I had a banana, a bologne sandwich, a big smoothie with yogurt and protein powder, two big bowls of real kraft dinner and now I’m having a Turin white chocolate bar. And a beer. And a Kashi bar. No wonder I’m so wrinkled – that all comes from my boobs and my face. I don’t have much appetite, but I have to put these pounds back on. Don’t mind a few milkshakes either. I should probably have two smoothies a day.

I’m reading Melania & Me, still. And now I also have Disloyal (the Cohen book), then there’s the Woodward book coming out. And I’d better see what’s for rent right now around town. Manana. Maybe tomorrow’s a lucky day, who knows.

Ok, Friday September 11. It’s 19 years since 9/11. And it’s day 11 of the Canadians’ 10-day requested extention. And they are ghosting the real estate agent. So I guess they are gone. If they have really just backed away without bothering to tell us, I will be annoyed. But I won’t give them the time of day, let alone any of my focus. It’s their issue, not mine.

In the meantime, we are still waiting for the Mexican offer! They are getting a counter cheque from the bank, because no one uses cheques anymore and they just don’t have them LOL. So that offer is still coming. I only have cheques from about 10 years ago. I still have lots. I think one day, everyone just stopped using them.

the poond is looking good

I think we may take the Mexican offer and run. The time is nigh and all that. If we lose a little on the house, we’ll make a little on the condo. We’ve been trying to sell for 18 months. Best to cut our losses. I found a great rental until spring, right downtown with two separate yard areas. It looks pretty good right now. So bring it on!

Saturday, September 13, day 184. Oy. So, what happened? Yes, we got a Mexican offer but it’s a bank offer (many offers here are cash sales). So it would be totally conditional. Still, we will explore it. The offer is good. The Canadians have got some divorcing issues – and will get back to us when they can. We may be out of here. Or not (it’s happened too many times for me to be excited yet). Stay tuned.

Chris has been out twice, dental stuff. But done other things while out – bought shoes and groceries. Temperature taking everywhere, mandatory masking and lots of hand sanitzer at the stores. Which is good. I may venture out soon. Very cautiously.

But for now, I shall leave you. It’s Monday AM and I meant to publish yesterday. The next episode should tell if we are sold or not. Oh, and tomorrow’s guest on the bitches is Annie, an incredible sculptor, artist and one of the best people in San Miguel (our astrologer says Annie has “the scariest chart” she has ever seen, but that’s Annie, LOL).

So life is good.

Stay safe, stay informed, stay kind.

Here’s our astrologer talking about us. Promo # 2. What fun.



  1. Louis j. Christen Reply

    Good to see your sense of humor returning. Fuck the Tarot cards!

    Funny little episode of BB. I’d really like to see more. How do i access?

    Pool picture excellent!

    More offers, more interest.

    CV vaccine, economy comes back (slowly), House sells, dog dies-and you go to Canada. Be patient. You have made it this far— just stick with the program.

    Good luck!

    1. admin Post author Reply

      BB’s show will launch November 15 on Youtube – you’ll get the link for sure.

      In the meantime, we are doing a live November 3 election watch party – I will send you that link as well!

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