Not easy – not easy at all

Well, this hasn’t been easy. And I haven’t written in over 10 days. Just too much shit everywhere.

We do have a full-price offer, accepted, but conditional on the bank approving the house and that takes a month at least. At least. And then we need 30 days after that to get out. I’ve packed a bunch more shit. Eventually, it will be like we’re living in a rental. I haven’t packed any art yet though. Just the insides of cupboards and some clothes. And it might not happen. The last one didn’t. I’m not holding my breath.

Flowers in Mexico

I’m having a bit of a meltdown. They did give us a 10% deposit into our bank. Which is crazy, because if the bank says no, we have to give it back. But there you go. So, I have that bank account to manage – bank accounts online here are far more complex here than Canada or the US, you need ‘keys’ and ‘tokens’ and you can’t just do it on your laptop. You need a phone to take the token. It’s ludicrous.

I have two bank accounts to manage, different systems. We got the second account (an entire day in Mexico City plus uber fees) specifically for the house because Intercam will transfer our pesos into Canadian funds before sending them by wire transfer to Canada. We are not allowed to send pesos to Canada (where my foreign exchange agent is, Vancouver) because of cartels (Canadian rule and possibly you can do it but the paperwork is horrendous and our agent will not do it). We can send pesos from a US account, but not a Mexican account. My head feels like it’s going to explode most days.

Can Guadalupe save me?

Then, I’m arranging transfers of money to pay for the condo when it closes – they’re only going to give us two weeks notice (max) and I have to transfer from one place to my bank to the lawyer and do it all with faxes, phone calls and the grace of god. Then we have to sell the effing thing. The plan had been a short term mortgage but we’d each have to fly up and quarantine for 14 days and what to do about the dogs? When this is done, I’m doing nothing. Nothing at all.

I’m also editing a 100,000 word addition to a book that I ghosted a few years back – it will now be volume 1 and volume 2 at 300,000 words total (which needs to be lightly edited for 200K, regular edits on 100K). If you don’t think that’s a big job, the normal book size is 80,000 – 100,000 words.

I’m also trying to find a place to rent with two separate garden areas for the dogs (and house areas, too), parking, safe area, but central or south part of the city for the winter as it can be 10 degrees C warmer than the north.

The dogs in the Heineken Garden up the street

I also need to organize our new car registration sticker – from afar. All these things I could have done any one of the times I was up there – it’s more difficult from another country, that’s for sure. Don’t even get me started on the car. What a shit show to get it out of the country now. We can’t even drive through the US. We’re fucked and probably have to junk it because we’re prohibited from selling it.

We just put a lot of money into it last year, thinking we’d drive it back to Canada. But there’s that annoying country between us and Canada. It is now totally illegal to drive it in Mexico, we can only get a 5-day pass to take it to a free zone (La Paz) or out of the country. Wait til I write that book, LOL. And on top of that, I need to get our company’s corporate books ready for the Canadian accountant in eight days. And did I mention six hours of Bitches to write time codes for? That’s the only part that’s fun but I can’t seem to get to it 🙂

Lasagna – it’s fattening, right?

And I’ve dropped weight but I’m just not eating, I never eat when I’m depressed. I should have been to Vancouver five times now at least. It’s fall, FFS. I haven’t been there in 10 months. I’ve been here. Oy. Ok, bright side, we may sell the house and then it’s only a few months until we go back. I don’t even care if we have to quarantine, it’s worth it.

We now have sort of a log line for Bitches – we’re The View but with Tequila and Astrology. Needs work, but it’s getting there.

I like it. Episode 0 is almost done – I’ve been showing it around a bit but we need to add to the intro and add the credits at the end. Maybe I should go do some Boomer work now, it might relax me. I’m going to be back every day (my intention anyway) so I have enough to publish by Sunday! Later, chicos (machismo society). I already told you what Linda (our astrologer said about us, right? (See below)

Ha! Now it’s Saturday – time flies. Sept. 26. Will I have enough to publish tomorrow? Maybe. We’ll see how today goes. I am finally editing the bitches stuff, well, marking time codes. I don’t mind it, it’s relaxing but it sure takes time. And there’s all that other stuff I need to do in a day. Like that 300,000-word book (2 books) needs a read through and light copy edit before handing it to the graphics guy. Oy. Maybe I should do that first. But since it’s just after 7am now, I should probably get dressed and walk the dog. Later.

I can’t believe that I started this in the middle of September, now it’s the 29th. Which is DAY 200. FM. And the 2nd wave of Covid hits in Canada – and other places. Be safe people, for heaven’s sake. This is far from over. We have friends who are going to restaurants and even some who are traveling. I shudder to think of what happens to them if they contract this virus. But I’m not the boss of anyone except myself.

Still waiting ….

The house. Still waiting for the bank who are searching liens against title and doing due diligence. But we think this one might work out. But it will be mid to later October before we have a firm yes and then we need 30 days to vacate. If it happens. If not, the agent has a few more potential buyers who have asked for showings (we are under contract so won’t show until it’s a no). It’s basically conditional on financing but where that might take 10 days in Canada, it could take 50 here. Don’t get me going again LOL.

Today is Bitches taping day and I think I need to do some more tub sorting/packing and I’ll feel like I did something today. Waiting on some graphics work, some photos and can move another project along soon, I hope.

So, there’s enough work. Paying work and packing work. No idle hands here. Just walked 2.5 km with the dog. Only half an hour though, we’ll need another one of those this afternoon. The trainer is away until Thursday, so only one more day gone. PJ is doing well, he’s acting normal and wagging his tail a lot. The increase in dose of one medicine seems to have helped a lot. He’s got more energy and he seems happier. So Ojala.

I thought this one was pretty funny …

Now it’s Thursday. I did have a melt down yesterday, but overnight Tuesday/Wednesday I was stuffed up so badly (I’m pretty sure it’s allergies) and then the diarrhea was bad. But I’m used to that here in Mexico, at least once a week. No wonder I’m dehydrated sometimes. I have to watch that. I need parasite tests, that could be why I’m losing weight. I had an appointment in March but of course, Covid happened and there has been no travel at all. I use Microdyn, which is supposedly a bacteria killer you need to soak everything fresh in. That’s why it takes two hours to put away groceries down here.

I have a friend in San Miguel who has done an incredible day count for isolation. She’s an artist, of course, you can tell. And mine is just a calendar. She’s done a fantastic job, don’t you think? If you’d like to have a look at her art, it’s at

Yes, that’s how bored we are. Christmas decorations. Victoria has been alone through the pandemic, as have many of my friends. I think it’s been a lot easier for me with CW in the same house (and the house is big, so we are hardly in the same room all day so it’s not like we’re in each other’s faces too much). I’m blessed in many ways, even with any difficulties I may face. I thought I was hard done by because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet – you know that one. Always someone better off, always someone worse off.

I didn’t watch the debate, I just read about it. What a fucking dick. ‘Nuff said.

Friday October 2 – evening. The Mango Menace says he has Covid and has gone to Walter Reed Hospital. The bastard better live long enough to stand trial for his crimes. That’s all I have to say about that. It sure makes Twitter interesting though.

This is a real flower shot from the top

Oh heavens, it’s October 5, I need to publish this. No news from the bank. Sorting out shit to sell, most everything. Will send minor items and family pieces back to Canada via San Miguel (will store it up there until we head back). Preparing to go into an Air BnB with furniture etc. Until Rosie dies likely. Because she can’t fly.

What else? Bitches moving along. I’d love to share an episode with you but I think that might be cheating. Launching November 15. Working part time on the ghost book update, the new part is all done, now to review the 300,000 words together. Nothing on my calendar as I look at it, which is weird. But of course, social events are not on. Not that I was very social. We have a very small bubble.

I made lasagne. I have to use up all this food. I have to stop buying food. I have to edit two more episodes of Bitches – writing the codes for the video editor. After the other bitch gets back from her seminar (she’s a keynote), she will take over this ending. And I have to keep packing. Guys coming in today to touch up interior paint.

It’s just been so long, I’d better publish. This is a nice Bruce Cockburn (good Canadian) song that my cousin suggested. My cousin with dual citizenship (I think?) who grew up in the US but lives on Vancouver Island which eases my mind. I have another in FL and another in OR – I wish they’d get their asses home. In any event, I leave you with the other Bruce.

Things are moving into a second wave almost everywhere.

Please stay safe, stay informed, stay kind.



  1. Linda Jackson Reply

    Fingers crossed the house deal goes through and you can MOVE once more. CHRIS..NO MORE !!!

    Juat to let you know that oiur daughter Kelly died on Friday evening. No more suffering for the poor soul but she fought long and hard. We are are happy we drove up to see her when she was still good.
    Now we return at the end of the month for her Ceremony of Celebration.


    1. admin Post author Reply

      Linda (and Ron), I’m so sorry for Kelly’s death – not right she was far too young. Fucking cancer. I am glad you saw her, too. Please hold each other tight xoxoxo

      Hey, we move. It’s what we do. We get bored with neighbourhoods, countries, people. We keep the good ones (people) and move on. There was a great story in either Esquire or Vanity Fair some years ago, will try to find you a copy. Titled “Why I move”. But I miss my SMA friends – hope to get a visit up there before we leave Mexico if Covid is ever under control xo

  2. Louis J. Christen Reply


    Jane and I must live in heaven (New Mexico is not even in the United Sates, much less in Mexico. Most people don’t even know where it is!. Thank God!) –compared to what you seem to be going through. Suggestion -a book title: “What happened to Mexico” Maybe you should reconsider where you want to live?
    Wish you success w/the bank/house sale. Wish you success with the much too big book. Wish the dogs peace and dog happiness. Don’t know Chris well enough to wish for him but hope he has a great sense of humor. Wish the BB every success! Wish Trump the worst case of the CV he could possibly have and live to spend a very long time in a NY jail

    1. admin Post author Reply

      Thanks, Lou! We have been reconsidering where we want to live – just trying to sell the house and get out of here 🙂 and good book title, thanks!

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