The Eve of Destruction

But here’s hoping not.

I’m starting this post on Saturday, October 31, day who knows what. My calendar is in the other room. Early in the morning. I have some news. Tentative news. I may be done with Facebook. Yeah, that’s the news, LOL.  I’ll keep my account but won’t be active. I have a separate app for Facebook Messenger, so I can still have private conversations with Facebook friends but Mark Fuckerberg can go to hell, Republican stooge that he is.

So, the other big news is THREE DAYS until the future of America is decided. Three days. It’s kind of like waiting for a verdict in court. I see flashes of Paul Newman, I wonder why … must be some old movie. The repugs aren’t even concerned with winning more votes at this point – just with disqualifying votes. Isn’t that the saddest? This isn’t democracy. I would like to take Mitch McConnell’s face and smash it into first, shredded glass and then, lemon juice. Wipe that smirk off his face. He’s worse than trump because he understands politics and he’s orchestrated most of this. I hope he goes to jail above all and please, please, please let him lose his seat. Humiliate him. Graham too. Let Harrison win. Oh lord, what a payday that would be. 

Texas senator Conryn apparently said on his resume that he has a law degree from Oxford – LOL – breaking news today – not true but he did attend a two-week seminar there. If that’s the case, I’ve been to about 12 universities, I supposed I could claim degrees at all of them. F.M. How do they tell lies and no one cares? Oh yeah, that’s because they’re putting brown people in cages and black people in jail – so all is well with their supporters. What a sad, sad group of people.

I found this at a thrift shop years ago (photo album) I love it.

I’m going to make roast beef and Yorkshire pudding today. Then hot beef and fries tomorrow. That will keep me busy enough. And pack, I’m going to pack more. We have not heard anything more other than all is good but no one at the bank has given us us a confirmation for sure yet. All is good, they keep saying. It looks like they may remove conditions days before closing.

This is one crazy way to operate. The last time we believed them, the deal fell apart, we’d prepared in advance, rented in La Paz (3 months rent paid and two trips to set things up) and ate all of that. Plus we had to unpack shit. That’s why I’m not 100% “in” this time. 

But if there is one thing Covid has taught me, it’s not to expect anything and to just be content to hang around this house until something changes. Do you know how incredibly difficult that is for me? SHREEEEEEIIIIK … LOLOL

Did I ever show you the awesome cake that I FINALLY made? Well here you go.

I do feel good today. Like it’s a new day for some reason. Haha, maybe because it is. They all are.

Hey, here’s some more news. You know how I’ve told you we each buy something kind of extravegant and nonessential when we sell a house? Well, maybe essential like a computer but probably a better computer, if one happened to be necessary with that timing. I was having a hard time deciding between a face lift, a hot tub and a Zoltar machine.

I doubt I’d actually get a face lift. I think of it and my wrinkles bug me but in the end, I just need less mirrors. The hot tub – I can look for a house on Vancovuer Island that already has one. The Zoltar machine? I’d LOVE one. But that’s more money than we have to spend. On something totally frivilous. Totally.

So, I’ve decided that I want an Annie Evans sculpture. In this piece of wood, which another friend gave me:

And in case you didn’t click on her link above (her name), here is one of her pieces. I think it will be magnificent.

The one on the right has human teeth for hair, I do not want human teeth LOL.

I expect the woman will be about half human size – maybe a bit more (to fit the proportions of the wood). She does them quite large. And I’ve always wanted one. She would say I had one and gave it away but that’s a different story.

The bitches will be broadcasting LIVE on Facebook on Tuesday night. We will be reporting on breaking news from reliable sources, on counts, on recounts and on everything election. And drinking. And with lots of unfiltered comments. We are expected a dozen or so guests – journalists, authors, photographers and more. All trump haters. There will be a fair bit of swearing so don’t tune in if you can’t take it. Here’s our Facebook page and we’ll be providing a link to the LIVE show. I don’t know what will happen if he doesn’t flame out, which is our expectation. Seriously. No idea. So join us.

Almost 11am and I must go pack some things or think about what goes where (rental, storage for Canada, or remains en casa). Later.

Ok, it’s Sunday. I MUST remember to write tomorrow and then send. I am spending today trying to not think about the house or the election. Except when you wake up to find a convoy of armed trump supporters try to run a Biden campaign bus off I-35 in Texas yesterday, actually hit one volunteer’s vehicle. Armed. Did I say armed? There is video. The FBI are *supposedly* investigating. We’ll see where that goes. Bill Barr was making the rounds, talking to law enforcement agencies (who overwhelming support trump’s shock & awe brand of law & order) and giving them their marching orders. Excuse me, their goose-stepping orders.

Here I am, in front of all of you, predicting blood in the streets Tuesday. Possibly even at polling lineups in blue counties. I’m very afraid for America. Ok, no more of that today. I have to have a stress free Sunday, my weekly astrology forecast said relax today.

This is the pool a the place we are going to rent if this house is really sold

So, I will pack. Working on tubs 36 & 37 today. Of course, they all need full customs manifests, detailed lists of contents, to cross the border. Getting there, really getting there. Boots are next. How many pair does a girl need in a 6-month rental? Boots, belts & shoes – a tub full for Canada. Good work. I know I’ll need the black boots I’m sending home but I’ll just pretend I don’t have any if that happens.

Billy Jo Shaver died this week. He was 81. Another Texas songwriting outlaw icon. They’re falling like flies. The only reason Willie is still alive is all the pot – I’m convinced.

What else? Anticipation. I can’t think about the results of the election. I don’t think about the results if the house isn’t sold. I’m sure it is. Everyone is sure it is. But if not, we’ll stay packed for now. The art doesn’t go in boxes until there is a firm yes. But there is sure little clutter left, LOL.

The dog is clearly stressed out

Monday morning. Early. Dark. Windy. It was windy all night. I don’t get a good sleep then. The doors and windows rattle (remember, we’re on a canyon) and the electric fence goes off now and then (for seconds at a time as branches blow into it). So it was fitful but I’m not super tired yet.

Tomorrow will tell the tale. Will democracy survive the American election? I think some Americans believe this is hyperbole. But not too many of them. I’ve already said I’m sure there will be blood spilled. As I see the police in NYC attacking peaceful protesters, marching to the polls, I wonder how far it will go. Police in NC tear-gassing a peaceful (black) protest march to the polls.

I guess we’ll see tomorrow. I’m collecting hilarious tweets to read at our live broadcast when things are slow. Which will only be the first half hour. I sure hope it’s a Biden landslide. I can’t believe I am seeing this in my life time. C’mon guys, you can do it.

I will be thinking of all of my American friends tomorrow. It’s like waiting for a nuclear bomb to explode on a timer. I am, however hopeful. And Mercury stops, turns, and starts to move foward tomorrow. Ojala.

Of course, I have to close with Barry McGuire.

Stay safe, stay informed, stay kind.



  1. Nikki Reply

    I feel exactly the same way about the election and Trump supporters. As messed up and depressing as it is, its comforting to read that there is someone else out there that gets it and sees it for how awful it is.. positive thoughts on the house sale – I know how stressful that is.

  2. Janet Cacchioni Reply

    Interesting..I made roast beef and Yorkshire pudding too!
    Maybe it’s a last supper thing?
    I’m on pins and needles also.
    Even if Biden wins we sadly now know that there are 46 percent of the American people who believe in Trump, qanon and killing friends and loved ones with their filthy germs. I am disgusted and deeply saddened by this reality.

  3. Louis J. Christen Reply

    Very best wishes for you and your Boomer Bitches election commentary this evening!
    Also, Hello America! Where are you? –Maybe we will find out tonight?
    Dog picture title: Where did you say we where last night?
    Trump by 9 points, Repubs lose senate majority
    House sells, closing later this week
    Happy Days are here again!
    Hugs, Lou

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