And so it goes …

Who was that, anyway? (And so it goes …) Either Nora Ephron or Gilda Radner. Don’t know why I can’t remember. Maybe neither. So I googled it. Gilda appears to have been: “It’s always something” and I can’t find ‘And so it goes‘. But I shall keep looking off and on.

To the election. And the virus. There were 121,000 new cases in the US yesterday. That will be a million more every eight days. Did anyone do that math yet?

Waiting on the election results but it’s clear it will be Biden (Friday November 6, AM). At 4am, he pulled ahead in GA. Now PA has him leading. Arizona has been called by FOX and AP but no one else. But PA does it, regardless.

Screw that, I couldn’t keep up. it’s Sunday now. Biden won, given his speech, all is well for the moment in the USA. Thank fucking God. Now that you’ve got Jimmy Stewart in the President’s chair, I’m relaxed. And I really do feel like trump never existed.

Kumquat tree is loaded this year

But how TF could 70,800,000+ people vote for him this time around? Think about that. Clearly, America is still royally fucked but you’ve at least got an honest leader now. As long as those 70 million calm the fuck down and don’t go around setting fires, you should make it through the next four years. But never forget, 70+ million Americans voted for a man who makes Richard Nixon look like a decent human being. And the next time you look at a white person in America, there’s about a 65% chance they are a trump voter.

But that aside, Joe will get a handle on the virus. Because he believes in science. Fucking America. You know Galveston went red, red, red. And here, I was hoping to go back one day. And I’ve left Facebook, I hope for good. I can’t say that for sure, though. I am still there as a black space (no photos) in order to manage the “pages” I manage there (business pages). But for me, personally, I think I’m gone for good. Too many idiots. Some are even my real friends (not trump idiots, but idiots nonetheless).

This was my studio for Bitches live election show

I’m going to miss the 15,565 people who follow Canadians Against donald trump on Facebook – surprisingly I think I am going to miss them a lot. Half of them are Americans, too. But they’ve been great support and it’s been wonderful to know that there are random Americans out there who give a shit. And not just my friends. I know they do, at least most of them.

I ask you to read (or at least skim) the Umair Haque column from yesterday: Biden Didn’t Just Win a Historic Victory. American Democracy Did. And it did. Not many countries come back from the brink like America did on Tuesday. I think many of you have no idea how close you were to gone. Please read that Umair piece linked above. It will make you feel good about America.

But never forget that trump actually got 8 million MORE votes this time than he did in 2016. Eight million MORE Americans voted for fascism and racism. Yes, Joe beat him. By 4 million votes. What’s that, about 6%? 52% to 48%? Not enough.

These people are still in America and now they’ll likely go back underground. But they won’t disappear. Just be aware and watch for them to raise their ugly fucking heads again because they will. But at the same time, be very proud of what you did on Tuesday. Just be vigilant because it isn’t over by a long shot.

And President-elect Biden, thankfully, is establishing his Covid-19 task force  on Monday. America had 130,000+ new cases on Friday. People are dying at the rate of 1,000+ souls a day. It’s out of control, folks. Wear a mask, FFS. Stop socializing. Mexico is doing very badly also, it’s getting worse again. Because people do whatever they want. I see gringos from here going back and forth to the US all the time. Texas more than anywhere else – but what do you expect, I guess. Texas is red, red, red.

The house – nothing has happened. Nothing. But now that things are moving forward, even more so starting on November 14, we hope this moves forward too. We had to pay rent at the new place for occupancy starting December 1. That will be throwing more money out of the window (AGAIN) if we run into trouble with the close. Who knows? I have little confidence in anything in Mexico but just going to sit tight until mid-month at least. It’s all I can do.

We need to find a home for PJ. I don’t want to take him back to Canada. For many reasons. The number one reason being that he’s a Mexican dog with a Mexican temperament. Which is fine for Mexico but not Canada. The first person he snarls at up there will be running to animal control because he’s a bull breed. I hope he dies in his sleep before we leave, that would be the best outcome. They told us he wouldn’t live much past four and he’s already three+ years old. So we’ll see. He’s just fine on his nine heart (and kidney saving) pills a day (at five different intervals). We would, of course, continue to pay his vet and medicine bills if he was adopted but it would have to be the right owner. I’ve never wished for any of my dogs to die before until they got old and decrepit but he’s a special case, his heart won’t last forever. I don’t want him to go early, just peacefully.

He’s part of what I hate about Mexico. How they breed dogs indiscriminately for both temperament and physical problems. I know they do it because they are poor but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. And they are poor because the government in Mexico is one of (if not THE) most corrupt in the world. Part of why I can’t live here anymore is the pain I feel when I see the people and the animals (well, the dogs). When dogs get sick, they turn them out on the street to die instead of putting them down. Witness the pit bull we searched for (and someone found) who had been a roof dog on the main street – everyone knew this dog. It had cancer so they turfed it out and its guts were hanging out of its stomach before the vet’s office finally caught him and put him down – thanks to a stranger. I’ll be so happy to leave this kind of society.

And it’s horrible how they’ve given up (the people). They shrug their shoulders and say (in Spanish): Welcome to Mexico – that’s how it is here. My friend told me (he’s born here) that Mexicans are like lobsters in a tank. When one finally gets to a point where they might escape – the rest of them grab him and pull him back down. That’s sad.

Ok, enough of that. I’ll save it for the Why I Left Mexico book. This day belongs to America. There are some Americans on this blog list and I thank each and every one of you who voted for Biden. I lost a few subscribers after the pre-election post – good riddance, you were surely trumpers. IF there are any trump supporters left on this blog (? I can’t believe that there ever were any to begin with) – please calm the f-ck down and accept the results of your democratic election. And if you cannot do that, you’re bad news, get out of here.

Broken dreams from Tuesday – I will have the heart to open it soon

I put some thought into which song to close with. I knew it would be Bruce, I just wasn’t sure which one. I’m still traumatized – still coming down and don’t quite believe it. I haven’t opened the champagne yet. I don’t feel joyful yet. But I just saw something that pleases me so much.

Rosa sat – so Kamala could run.

The black voters in America saved your white asses, never forget that either. White voters overwhelmingly (65+%) chose trump. Makes me throw up a little in my mouth. Odd are more than half the white Americans I know are trumpers. 

I’m still apprehensive about what trump will yet do – but hopeful that he has been reduced to irrelevant. I mean, really. Murkowski just congratulated Biden & Harris – she’s second, Romney was first. But it’s been 24 hours. Where are the rest of the Republican thugs? One by one, those rats will have to congratulate the President-elect. I look forward to watching it with glee.

And oh yeah, the last campaign press conference was held in the Four Seasons Landscaping company parking lot, beside an adult bookstore and across from a crematorium, chaired by Rudy. Let that sink in. I won’t even get into how the dummies booked that location. 

In the meantime, a little Bruce, courtesy of Don Winslow, thank you both. 
And you sure did need PA.

Stay safe, stay informed, stay kind.



  1. Jonna Woodburn Reply

    I got teary-eyed. Perfect ending song. I’m glad you saw the story about his speech sandwiched between a crematorium and a dildo shop. He got screwed while his goose got cooked. Perfect.

    1. admin Post author Reply

      I love it, it’s the perfect closing image – the opening image is coming down the escalator to announce his candidacy – the screenplay bookends are written for whoever does this story. It’s the best part, I laugh and laugh and laugh. I need a mug from Etsy – have you seen them? You have to click on the photos and read the back… how fast are these people? LOL.

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