It’s over. We move Tuesday (Dec. 2). Closed the house Friday, November 27. They called at 5pm on Thursday November 26 and said: “We can close tomorrow”. Seriously. That’s how they roll down here.

And one of the items that was holding us up? We had to wait for the power company to issue our final invoice. We have solar, you remember that, right? So we feed back to the system and get credits. But there still is a small (variable) admin fee. The buyer WORKS in an executive-level job for the power company and he said never mind, but the bank said, au contraire, we want it. Eventually, it was issued and our final invoice was SEVEN PESOS. At today’s exchange rate, that is the equivalent of 45 cents Canadian. Viva Mexico.

7 pesos MXP = 45 cents CAD

However, it’s only Saturday and a lot of work to do before we move. The moving company comes and takes a lot of stuff to storage for eventual forwarding to Vancouver on Monday. I’m off to the rental today and tomorrow with stuff. And we move the remainder Tuesday. Walkthrough is Thursday AM – and that’s that then. I think I won’t know what to do with myself. Except for editing Boomer Bitches™, which has kind of fallen off the to-do list.

We’ve taken a break or two – and this coming week, I’m busy but hopefully, we can get two more tapings in (December 8 & 15) and I can edit over Christmas. Well, choose the edits. The video editing person does the actual edits.

And I’ll be free to write that new book. It’s just tossing around in my head now. This stage always takes a while. I’ll probably take a pen to paper and doodle and think for a while first.

And now it’s Monday. Long term storage stuff (eventual destination Canada) leaves today. I think around noon. Tomorrow we move. I can’t say that I have a lot to say. We had a couple of beers outdoors by the pool yesterday with our neighbour to wrap it up – it was fun. We’ve had many a Sunday at this house with the few good friends we’ve made here. And we’re only headed to Centro until the old dog dies so we aren’t going to be leaving yet. It’s kind of sad to be leaving the house but my god this house is a lot of work, even with help. Seriously.

Most of the packing is done but I may as well start picking up the odds and ends, like the electronics that are still plugged in (the kindle, the iPod – yes we still have one of those and it fits in the Harmon Cardon).

Ok, all things with money went smoothly, banks, transfers et al. And the movers had forgotten to tell us it had to be Wednesday so they didn’t come today. It wouldn’t be Mexico without a hitch somewhere. Or Vancouver Island for that matter. In any event, rescheduled and in time – the hand over is Thursday. And we do move ourselves tomorrow into the rental. Well, Lalo the renovation contractor moves us with his truck.

Everything really is packed. We’re having pollo rostado con papas for dinner from the chicken place. They do roast chicken (on spits) like nowhere else in this country – they are marvelous. Open air rotisseries where you order across the (big) window and they close the shutters at night.

The new pool, the first morning …

Well now. It’s a week later, but I’ve been very busy moving and unpacking. Money has gone back to Canada. We are in our rental until old dog dies. We are pretty organized.

My office – a bit of our stuff in the bookcase, my desk on the left
Off the master bedroom
CW’s office
PJ’s yard (Rosie gets the pool yard)

Things with Covid are bad everywhere, here included. I hope Canada can get a grip soon. America too, but that is less likely. This is really bad. We are inside, especially after moving. We need to isolate from anyone for a couple of weeks. Day 267 today. And it will be a while.

I think I told you the condo close was postponed until January, so it will probably be February or March before we can buy anything up north, which sucks. But we need to sell the condo first.

Back to the new house. It’s a rental, it’s got high ceilings and looks good on first blush. It’s an older house but perfectly comfortable and suitable. We will wait a couple of months to pronounce a verdict on whether we should keep it or not, once things are a bit more settled down (we committed for six months, to the end of May, but we don’t have to stay that long if the opportunity to get home sooner arises).

The kitchen is REALLY small but we produced Thanksgiving dinner on a boat

And now it’s Sunday, December 6, 2020. This god awful year is almost over. I’m very worried about Covid. Maybe not as much as I was in April and May – because we know more – but it’s bad, like the 2nd wave of the Kansas Flu (also known as Spanish flu but originated in Ks and taken to Spain by Americans – soldiers – who then dubbed it the ‘Spanish’ flu to divert blame). And that whole thing makes me wonder if they didn’t try to do the same with the trump virus. But I digress. Please be careful, folks.

Anyway, we DO know more. #StayTheFuckHome – don’t go out except to shop briefly if you have to – get everything you can delivered and keep your bubble extremely small and contain it to your own household if you can. We are having one person join us for a Christmas visit, masked on our patio on Christmas day. And because they manufacture PPE and clean rooms – we think they will be safe. But we’re still sitting six feet apart 🙂

In fact, we’ve been around movers, CW was at the close at the notario (big room, lots of distance, but still), so we need to isolate for at least 10 more days. It’s not that big a deal and it protects others.

Our little privada, looking down – just four casas, two on each side.

Listening to Rodney Crowell today. Love this song, it’s more a Saturday song than a Sunday song (where the grass as green as absinthe comes in forty different shades). It’s cheerful and upbeat. I think it’s a bit Irish.

It’s what I wish for you.

Stay safe, stay informed, stay kind.



  1. sidney mehlschmidt Reply

    Congratulations on the sale! Our house in Zihuatanejo has been on the market over 2 years. No offers and no rentals so far this winter.

    1. admin Post author Reply

      Hi Sidney, thanks for your wishes. I wish you could sell your house… Do you have it listed with an agent? If you post a link here to the listing, or email me, I will share it on FB and Twitter …

    1. admin Post author Reply

      Hi Dennis – yes, we do. But now the plan is to head to BC after the old dog dies, establish our base and then come back for the winters!

  2. Steve Melbye Reply

    Congrats on the house sale! This is a major load off your mind as I heard it making you crazy – enjoy the holidays in your new rental and just relax and do things that bring you calm and peacefulness. Feliz Navidad!

  3. Sylvia Atherley Reply

    Hi Bev. I am so glad that it has happened finally even though I loved that house and you had it decorated so beautifully. But I will be so glad to see you in Canada again. And I think your Dad will to. Wish this Covid thing would go away and then you would be allowed to travel. I am sorry that your dog has to pass away before you can do anything. But I am sure you are feeling a bit better about your moving now that the house is sold. I would be going crazy if I was in your shoes. Enjoy you new place and hopefully we will be able to see you sometime in the near future. Fingers crossed that this thing goes away. Dad and Sylvia.

  4. Lou Christen Reply

    As the old Bard, wrote, “All’s well that ends well!”
    I’m going to have an extra ‘Loutini’ tonight in your honor and Jane will probably have an extra Manhattan. (It’s good that we have something special to drink to. Otherwise——)
    Think of your rental digs as vacation housing. Looks fine to me!
    Best of luck in the to-be-continued transition saga.
    Big hugs,

  5. Patti Prest Reply

    Hi Bev, so glad you sold your house! Cheers!

    If you listen to podcasts I highly recommend : Your Undivided Attention
    Former Google Design Ethicist Tristan Harris ( the social dilemma) conversing with other tech experts, about ” the hidden designs that have the power to hijack our attention, manipulate our choices and destabilize our real world communities. Super interesting.

    Stay safe, enjoy your new place, and Merry Christmas! xo patti

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