Sunday morning coming down

Except now it’s Wednesday, December 9. Oy. Time is going so slowly. I’m unpacked. We taped a bitches last night and have one next Tuesday. I have a book I need to finish soon so I can give it to George for copy editing and formatting (finish reading and commenting on). I’d better go do that now.

Ok, that’s done. We can get on to the formating. I don’t think PJ is doing so well but we’ll see how he is tomorrow. I have to remember how sick he is – and how the pills are what make him seem so strong and healthy and happy and one day, they won’t anymore. Geez, it could be a very different world in six months. In any event, we do have plans.

It’s a bright eating area off the kitchen

Once Rosie goes, we should be able to get a house/dog sitter for PJ and we can go to Canada, get set up there again, get vaccinated, buy a house and rent it out and look for something for us to rent ourselves in Vancouver, on the north shore but I’m really hoping Horseshoe Bay.

Earlier today, I was quite stressed because of PJ. I really had to get a grip. He’s been having a great life and one day off kilter isn’t exactly the end of the world so we have to take it day by day. Same as this Covid mess we’re in. Holy crap. Mexico is doing poorly but will also get ira first load of vaccines this month (December) and has a decent plan for rolling them out. As does Canada. The health care workers first, and the most vulnerable. Then it runs by age, 80+, then 70+, then 60+. I think we can expect ours in May or June and hopefully we can be up there by then.

My sad little Christmas tree – not quite true – see below
The only tree we have here – and my birthday cake decoration from Jonna 🙂

Maybe by next Christmas, things can be a bit more normal and we can be with the kids up north. Or in Cabo even (we’d go to La Paz and visit). If PJ is still alive, obviously, we’ll keep this place and come here until that’s settled. But once it’s only him, we can get a sitter and be free to travel anyway, I think. Dogs have not been a good experience here, as I’ve mentioned before. And I’m not going to rehash it all because I don’t want to think about it. More than I have to. Anyway, there’s always tomorrow.

I’ve been going to bed quite early, falling asleep watching TV. Binging Modern Family. It helps. But I swear I’ve been getting 9 – 10 hours, but somewhat interrupted. I seem to wake up around 1:30 am and have a bitch of a time getting back to sleep. Too many things to think about.

He’s history, toast – and I hope they pull out his fingernails when they lock him up 🙂

But not thinking about the 45th president is really, really a pleasure. Really a pleasure. It’s leaving me with some time on my hands, though. I’ll have to figure out what to do with it, devil’s workshop and all that.

Now it’s Friday the 11th. the last two days seemed to go on forever. I start with a short dog walk, then the trainer arrives and we have a longer dog walk, all by 8:30am latest by the time he drives away with PJ. And he brings him back sometimes around noon, sometimes 1pm. But he’s in the cage sleeping part of that time – he can’t handle that much exercise with his heart.

But he gets to go with his pack and walk in his old neighbourhood although the trainer is careful not to take him past our block. He sees the “iron man” on his travels almost every day, a guy with an ironworks shop in the old hood who loves him to bits. Then he comes home and we play for a bit and he naps off and on most of the rest of the day. He’ll play alone with his king and put it under the bed and come and get me to fetch it for him with a broom. That’s one of his games. And he hangs outside on the grass. The daily interaction with his pack is wonderful. It’s a good schedule. But it’s seven days a week. Which the trainer doesn’t mind, but I do, LOL.

Covid still rages. It’s bad out there. I guess I shouldn’t expect much change in a day. But the days, as noted, seem to go on forever. In some ways, I can’t believe it’s only December 11. I will do a turkey on the 25th, why not. Hopefully, there will be one left when I go to the grocery store closest to us here. I don’t have room in the freezer so can’t buy it any earlier than the 23rd, really.

Guadalupe – solar powered praying hands

Tonight at midnight is Guadalupe’s birthday. She’s everywhere. Widely celebrated and considered the start of the Christmas season, which now goes until January 6. The loud bangs of the ‘cohetes’ which are little explosions, fireworks with no visuals that they use to wake up the sun on fiesta days, have already started. We may have a noisy midnight downtown but they’ve completely closed the Zocalo (town square) since Covid so I don’t know where they’d gather. I’m sure someone will though. Damn pandemic.

I am getting kind of bored, although there’s a lot of work I have to do. I have to get to editing bitches. We need six episodes. Off my ass tomorrow and doing that. I’ll make lists. Ok, in one short week, I want to be done two episodes. That’s my goal. I am not that confident but I’ll give it the old college try.

This was my backdrop for Bitches last week but I’m moving upstairs and outside

Sunday the 13th. Tomorrow, Monday, December 14 – is a new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius which should affect my life quite dramatically. It’s a creative eclipse that will open doors. I’m ready, really ready.

The vaccines are coming and that is such a blessing. I hope AstraZeneca is the one I get to take, it’s not an mRNA which the Pfizer and Moderna are but I’ll take whatever comes along. What a year this has been. I hope we can all breathe a little easier by spring. I know it is still a few months down the road, but this is day 275 – another 100 days or so won’t be so hard to do.

AND wear a mask FFS

Please be careful out there folks and stay informed and stay safe, we ARE finally hitting the clubhouse turn here – and about to enter the home stretch for the last sprint to the finish line. Don’t blow it now by getting ahead of yourself. #StayTheFuckHome. I want to see you all again after I get vaccinated. And not at your gravesite. The UK estimates suggest that by summer, it will be safe to fly around. Our vaccines (both Canada and Mexico) are starting next week so we should be on the same timetable. It really has been a long year (almost a year).

So here we are. No real responsibilities except ourselves and two dogs for the moment and staying isolated as much as possible. It’s starting to be a pretty happy place to be. When I wake up, usually between 3:30 and 4:00 am, I’m able to meditate quite easily for half an hour or so. Rosie hasn’t been waking up until just before 5 am so I have a lot of time to think. And to let things boil and bubble – not in a bad way, a cauldrin of imagination, not trouble.

I love this photo (not mine)

What do we want to do up north in real estate to earn some money? Pre-sales are good bets. We should have occupancy (and therefor, salability) of the condo in about 4 weeks (or sooner) and can list that sucker. And then we need to move on to buying something on the Island for a longer term investment, but what?

A house with a suite in Departure Bay or downtown is perfect. With a view but that may not be possible. South Nanaimo, maybe? We are looking. But we’re also looking at single family homes and townhomes and condos. The market there is just crazy. And only going to get more valuable in the next few years for sure with the influx of people from the mainland where condos start around a million.

We will just have to see what comes up for sale when we have enough money (once the condo is sold). We are in a bit of a fix as we cannot buy from out of the country using a mortgage. And we’ll each have to fly back and sign somewhere in Canada. That’s what the bank says, actually. I wonder what a mortgage broker would say. I should ask. Hmmm. I will.

I like to remind you of this every so often …

Because the other option is to borrow privately and pay it back when we get up there to sign. It’s not easy being stuck in Mexico. Yeah, we could each go up one at a time to sign but other than AeroMexico (nope), there are no direct flights. The Air Canada flight to YVR is still on hold – you have to go through Toronto. And that means 10+ hours in the air, which starts to sound long haul to me and more dangerous. Six + hours is bad enough (direct). And AeroMexico has already filed for bankruptcy protection. I’m sure they won’t though, they’ve already lost Interjet (pretty much) and I think another one. It’s a mess.

There is some cool folk art in this house …

I guess you know there is only one song I can play in closing. We had 18 months of waiting, then a lot of rushing around and now we’re done and kinda looking at each other. But that’s the way it goes 🙂

Stay safe, stay informed, stay kind. We are REALLY almost in the homestretch, don’t blow it xo.



  1. Louis j. Christen Reply

    Wish you hadn’t ended this repot with a downer of a song.
    Maybe you had smoked some bad stuff? That’s what MJ always did to me.
    Jane’s AB coming along. About to the half-way point now.
    Remind me -what’s the last chapter I sent you?
    A very quiet Christmas time ahead.
    My 87th BD on Thursday. Drink a toast to my future health’
    Love & hugs,

    1. admin Post author Reply

      I shall indeed, 87 is a good number! And no, there is no bad MJ for me, hahaha, sorry your experience wasn’t as pleasant. I love Kris K no matter what he sings! Happy Birthday, Lou! Talk soon/B

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