Boxing Day and Beyond – WTF to do now?

So here we are, Boxing Day, Saturday, December 26. I think I’ve finally broken the cycle of not knowing what day it is and today feels much like a Saturday. Back to normal work schedules Monday. Yesterday was Christmas. We had ONE person from the same bubble we have ever had, our neighbour. Old neighbour but it’s not that far away. It was good.

Image may contain: drink, table and food
Christmas dinner

Didn’t taste much like Christmas and I wanted to avoid the stores close to Christmas so I didn’t do a turkey (I have no room in the freezer here it is small). I’m going out to the large supermarket about three blocks from here when they open tomorrow and hope they still have frozen turkeys. You can’t get them year-round here. At least not in Cuernavaca, I’ve tried. But it was pleasant and nice to have company (outside, distanced).

There’s plenty of good news to go around. This story features our friend who does research and it is good news but there is good news about vaccines and treatment breaking out everywhere. So just be patient, it really won’t be that much longer and your sacrifice could save someone’s life. Here’s the story: Sorrento Therapeutics.

i got a little nervous because The Good News Coronavirus site didn’t update for some days – and it was worrisome, but looks like they were just breaking over Christmas (click on their name for link). It’s worth visiting every few days for some good news. It picks up my spirits about this whole damn thing.

Tequila. Just because …

Some days are harder than others and I’m sure that’s the same for everyone. It just feels like Groundhog Day again sometimes. And some days are okay. A few projects simmering in my brain, waiting for launch. And bitches – we’re going to take the show live. Here is the link to what the show is about, in case you missed it: Boomer Bitchesβ„’   – just three old broads who have no f-cks left to give. We’re a talk show. Think of us as The View. But with tequila. Not for audiences under 18 or over 80 and especially not for our parents. One of the bitches has it made, her mother doesn’t speak English πŸ™‚

I’m running out of photos to use so I may have to go pull some old ones that I haven’t used yet. It’s tough when you’re kind of isolating to get creative, new photos. Our city has gone into red again – essential services, no parties etc. They say it’s because of all the people coming from Mexico City for the holidays. So sometimes, I feel like it won’t stop but exciting things are happening in the background. And tomorrow is astrology day πŸ™‚

And here we are, Sunday, December 27. TFG our astrology this week looks better. But it won’t be current by the time I publish, so never mind πŸ™‚

We’re all glad this year is over! Maybe a few more months but there should be some evidence of the vaccine getting a leg up by then.

So, I just walked over to the grocery store to get a frozen turkey so I could have turkey and of course, they have no turkey. None. Not a whole frozen one, not a leg (not that I’d want a leg), not a breast meat roll. Nothing. So we don’t see turkey in this country again until next November. I just noted to Chris that they don’t do poultry much except the roasted spit chicken on the street. Difficult to find a chicken taco, burrito or anything Mexican. It’s mostly pork. Which is probably why I dislike it. I don’t really eat pork, with the exception of well-fried bacon. And shrimp in lobster sauce once a year (click on it for recipe).

I may go off meat for a while, take a break. I would start easy, keeping fish. I might try. I might not, LOL.

You know, there was a time early in the pandemic when I just crossed days off a calendar. I think I might have to start doing that again, it helped. It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other right now. Just chatting with CW and we really have three months here before we can even start to estimate any timelines. If then – but maybe. You have no idea how this grates on a Kiersy “Mastermind Rational“. It is really very difficult for me to stop organizing and planning. I mean, seriously. That’s an INTJ in Meyers-Briggs speak.

Ok, I’d better find some neat photos and a couple of other things to say and publish tomorrow before the weekly horoscopes loose their umph. Ok, so tomorrow. Monday. Probably later in the day. It’s my new goal for tomorrow. (Update: which I missed bya long shot.)

I have to now go and watch #3 Hallmark Christmas Movie so I can write one. I committed (to myself) to watch six. It’s not that bad, really. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Hokey, yes. And very old-fashioned and different than my normal gig but what the hell, right? It’s a pandemic!

Monday, December 28, 2020: Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it shall be answered. Blah, blah, blah. Woke up to a nice surprise this morning – my website of neat and funky things is almost ready to launch! You’ll find it at The Google ads aren’t up yet, and I want to change the menu around but I love the new format AND my new mascot. Have to think of a name for him. He will be the face of the website. So now, I have lots to do – I should be adding at least one story a day (about an hour’s worth of work) to keep it current.

This development, however small, has really buoyed my spirits. That, plus it’s the Monday after Christmas (finally) and time to get back to work. Should we call him Cappy? Got any ideas? He’ll be the one writing the newsletters. Maybe Capt. – short for Captain and Captivatist. Any ideas? The name existed already but it’s not too bad. I think the dog helps πŸ™‚

December was very disjointed for me, I’m not sure I ever knew what day of the week it was but now, I’m back.

Also, watched another damn Hallmark movie and fell asleep. Will watch the end this morning. This really shouldn’t be too difficult. I can’t say it’s much more than over-the-top Christmas icons and even cliches. One of them had more plot than the other two so far (that’s the one that didn’t put me to sleep). But I guess the trick is to keep coming up with new or a twist on, those cliches. And I got a book today (a how-to-write Hallmark Christmas movies, they have rules, like the kiss is ONLY at the end and for the first time, Christmas is not just a season – it must be integral to the plot, blah blah) and I need to transcribe my notes from class (all related to Hallmark Christmas movies). Even in 2020, a pandemic – they bought 40 Christmas movie (made for tv) scripts. And the industry aired and/or streamed 82 of them this year. I have a list of loglines, it’s hilarious. I’ll share some next post.

I’ve been nonstop on Captivatist, really needs a lot of work yet. But it’s still exciting to have it in my hands now. I won’t submit to Google ads until it’s ready for them though. Lots of things they require. A good project for me, should take a month or so, I’m betting. And then I must commit to three longish (1,000 words) stories a week if I can.

In the meantime, I’ve either watched four or five Hallmark movies and due to watch another tonight. I’ll have a zoom on the weekend with my writing partner to talk it out. And then get started on that, I hope. And Padi soon also. I think I’d better schedule that for at least a few days in mid-January.

He’s always stressed as you can see ..

On Boxing Day, as witnessed by the title, I had no idea WTF I would be doing. But I think I’m busy enough now. There’s the dog as well, two walks a day and some playtime. He’s out with doggy daycare/pack/trainer for the mornings which is nice for him. He still gets nine pills at five different daily intervals. I can’t believe he’s managed to have such a decent life so far, but he has. So, poco a poco on that one.

We’re going live with the bitches, I believe after we do the inauguration live on January 20. We have to figure out a good time/day – it will be taped and available but we’re looking to create a regular live audience. We’ll see how that goes.

I have multiple projects now (I do like it, I must admit) and need to keep them straight and allot the proper amount of time to each one. I want a 20-minute ‘best of’ the bitches plus a three-five minute sizzle reel. I have watched 5.5 Hallmark Christmas movies, just need to finish the last one. I sort of have ideas about it. But not enough yet. And I’m working on some new Captivatist stories. I think I better consider that launch to be end of January, that will give me time.

I have our annual plans ready to go again. We will probably have to add all the plans from last year that got shut down, PLUS this year’s plans, LOL. We’ve been doing them since New Years Eve 1996/97. I have them all.

No photo description available.
Yearly plans since ’96/’97. Amazing we kept it up.

And now, it’s NYE and soon dusk will fall. I need to feed the dog, give him pills, have my own dinner, then likely go up and finish my last Christmas movie. Made my deadline πŸ™‚

And old friend’s husband is dying. Literally. He’s a friend too, but she’s my old, dear friend. She asked me earlier today to chant for an easy transition, so I (have been and) shall do plenty of that tonight. Via Con Dios, mi amigo.

Strange times. Quiet. Detached from Facebook and even Twitter lately. I post the odd thing but often can do that from the story without ever going to the site. FB discourages me. I’ll be on Twitter again soon and it will heat up for the Georgia runoff. Speaking of politics:

My oh my. Not just a new day dawning but a new year. Friday, January 1, 2021. It rolls off my tongue that last part. Day 294. But I’ve gone to the grocery store, masked, a few times. And we have a bubble of us plus three. But we don’t see them often.

Only once since the move, actually (at Christmas, and only one, as above). Mexico is a Covid shit show right now and surely the more contagious variant has been here for a while since they let anybody in. So we need to be cautious. We’ll have a vaccine (Ojala) in three-four months. We’ve already done 10 – we’re on the downhill slope. Talk it calm and take it easy. One foot in front of the other.

Image may contain: text that says 'And now we velcome the new year, full of things that have never been Rilke'

We finished our annual plans, I’ve got lists, things are getting crossed off – I like it. I like my new realization, or understanding maybe, that nothing at all will happen for at least three months. So I’m taking three months to work on projects. And then after that, I will start organizing our movement, I hope. I’m still sneaking a few things in here and there.

For example, I’m trying to coordinate a move in the next couple of months of our stuff in storage in SMA back to Canada. The guy, who I know, at our storage facility we still have up there has agreed to receive it and lock it up for me. It might as well sit there as sit in Mexico if we’re paying storage fees anway. And it will be one less thing to do when our three months (or so) is up and we have a better idea of where things are headed.

And we’ll be closing the condo remotely, I hope, by mid-January and get that sucker on the market. I’m very interested to see what it ends up selling for. And we’ve decided, for the moment, that when we close on the house (that’s not even built yet) later this spring or early this summer, we should move in there and sort things out. We might as well. It costs us the rental fee (less property managers) to live there but so does anything we’d consider living in, LOL.

Happy New Year – isn’t this perfect for a Sag?

We do still plan to rent on the mainland. And we’ll see what the timing is. But the mainland rental will be furnished no doubt – and we’ve got all our stuff AND another locker full that size on the Island for eight years that we need to sort out. And that gives us a place to do it.

With the furniture we shipped – table, chairs, bar table and stools, easy chairs, we almost have enough. We’d just need to buy a bed but we’ll get something sleek like a rollaway with a really good foam mattess. I dunno. We’ll figure it out. At least this way, we won’t be homeless when we arrive. And who TF knows, we may still have a dog. Which one is anyone’s guess. Maybe two. Oy. Not that. No decisions for three months. It helps, LOL. And, we have the time.

I love this table & chairs. Only seats four, but we’ve got a two-person bar table & stools too.

We have enough stuff. And then when we’re done, we will store what we need to but hoping to cut it in half – there’s a lot of stuff we can sell on Craigslist – stuff that we haven’t seen in eight years. Maybe. Haha. Maybe not.

I’ve got a gorgeous Chines terra cotta urn up there, about four feet high, that I bought with my old friend Jan in Chinatown one day. We use it as a bar table base also. I almost forgot about that. I’m not sure if there’s any other furniture up there.

And here we are, January 2, 2021. CW had a bad night, he thinks it’s a minor gall bladder thing. Of course, it woke me up and I panicked, remembering the gall bladder attack in the middle of the night and hours in emergency at the hospital where I couldn’t undertsand anything they were saying. And he was there I think about 30 hours if I remember correctly – test after test after test and they found nothing. They asked him 50 times if they asked him once, “Do you drink a lot” (in Spanish). They couldn’t take no for an answer (he quit drinking about 15 years ago). Anyway, hopefully he’s asleep now.

Okay enough doom and gloom. He’s sleeping now, so I’m hoping he feels better when he wakes up. (He did – not sure if it was gall bladder but he slept all day and the stomach eased up eventually.) But this sure woke me up. In the past, we had the house to deal with and our hands were tied. Now we don’t. So a big limitation has been removed. We’re going home and that’s that. How long do you think it will take us now? Any bets? LOL. I’m serious about it, mark my words. Adios, Mexico.

But no logistics yet, I’ll save that for once it’s light out. It’s always darkest before the dawn and all that. I’ve got three months to plan and three months to execute. By June 1, by hook or crook, we’re home. That’s the original goal. I guess I could step back for a bit and see how he does before I panic, but I may try to send him back first.

How is it all so simple to pick up and move to Mexico and so complicated to get back? Another one of life’s mysteries. But my basic choices are get out or shut up. I’d just like it to be orderly, our leaving. And probably not in the middle of a Covid surge. Tomorrow will look different. He’s drinking room temp ginger ale and eating bits of dry toast so there’s hope. But he needs to stay in bed.

Am I overreacting? They have okay hospitals here. It’s only a gall bladder. I think I have kind of figured out something that might be affecting my mental health. I’m not a caregiver. Not in any tests I’ve ever taken. I’ve had to be one for this dog (nine pills daily at five intervals) for three years. And CW has not had great health in Mexico and I don’t speak Spanish. I’ve tried. It’s a non-starter now.

So, between trying to care for him (which I WANT to do) and caring for the dog, which I also want to do. Or want someone to do at least. It’s complicated. And it’s a profession that I am sincerely grateful to as a human being — caregivers – but this is not my rhythm shall we say. So this is an issue and I just realized that. So now, to figure out how to turn it into a non-issue πŸ™‚

We could board PJ if we head back to Canada. We were planning to do that if we went to La Paz and then we’d bring him back home when she died.

The boarding place is nice – lots of dogs, lots of outdoor time, run by a wonderful lady up the road about 15 minutes. They have webcams so you can watch your dog in the day. I do realize it would kind of break my heart so I might have to take the f-cker home. I just can’t find a spot for the two of them to live so something has to break. We’ll be renting, initially. The new house wouldn’t work for the two of them. Hmmm. well, more thoughts to have. At least CW seems to be recovering.

This is a cool photo (clearly not mine LOL)

And maybe I’m complicating it. Time to let my subconscious think about this one (which is what the time until March 31 was for until the gall bladder attack). But I guess I’m back to that LOL. The BoomerB astrologer said, not unkindly, one day – ‘My god, what it must be like to be inside your mind”. I wasn’t quite sure about that but I’ve been thinking about it a lot and maybe I’m starting to ‘get’ it. πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

And now, I’m off to bed. I’ll read beside the patient probably for a while. He got up, but he’s gone back. Tomorrow will be better for him. But Geez, Louise. Enough with this stuff, it’s 2021. Tomorrow is astrology day for the week so lots to read when I get up. Manana.

Sunday, January 3, 2021 – Good morning. CW is better, he had jello twice last night and his stomach has stopped hurting. So maybe that’s that for a while but holy moly, we have to get home. I’ll watch him, but hopefully, our plan of planning to go late this spring works and he doesn’t have to go earlier. If he does, he does, and I can stay here and figure out the dogs. He’s still not 100% but not in active pain so I’ll take that as a win for now.

What is this teaching me? Not to plan? Hardly, that would be suicide. Maybe not to plan much for the next little while as things simmer. Who TF knows. All I know is another week is starting. And it will be a good one. Astro predictions are great all round. January 12 (new moon) and January 28, in particular.

I leave you today with this week’s horoscopes from Linda Shaw. The aforementioned BoomerB astrologer. And there’s always Georgia Nicols, who is marvellous. And if you’re looking for a monthly, you can’t beat Susan Miller.

Until next time, stay safe, stay informed, stay kind. And stay the f-ck home. I’d like you all to stay around for a while.


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  1. Louis j. Christen Reply

    Welcome to 2021! It’s not nice to see that you are as conflicted as ever in not being able to make future plans. Sorry! I wish I could help.
    It’s Sunday afternoon here and Donald J. Trump has just stepped in a big bucket of shit of his own making. He is caught on tape threatening the Governor of Georgia to falsify the election results in order to have himself declared the winner. If not impeachable surely treasonable!
    It’s gojng to be Very Interesting in the next 24 hours. Hold on to your hat, the fun is about to begin!
    Love and Hugs,

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