A fast visit, then I must go

It just seems like I talk to you guys every couple/few weeks and here I am, two weeks tomorrow since I posted and I haven’t written a damn word. I don’t have many photos that are new, either. So I have to go back and find old ones. I’ve pretty much shown you the rental. The front, the back, the black & white tile floors, the view from the master bedroom deck. There’s not a lot more to show you. I’m getting pretty bored myself but grateful we have outside areas. I may have to walk over to the grocery store next week (three-four blocks) just to get out of the privada.

I do walk the dog outside the privada every morning in reality – twice. At 7:10am and he has this alarm clock that makes sure we do. It’s actually based on the sunrise and when the light hits his yard more than the clock I think. Then the trainer comes at about 8:15 and we walk again, maybe 15 minutes. Then he goes off to walk with his pack. Which, twice a week, is this large:

We are in lockdown again here in Mexico, heavy lockdown. It is crazy out there. But maybe they will have herd immunity soon, combining the vaccines and the infected. It’s what we have to wait for now. This is so sad. We’re just grateful we can wait, and we don’t need to go to work anywhere in this country. Or get on a plane. We will fly. But only to move home. Given that it’s coming up to 11 months primarily in isolation and as far as we know, not infected yet – we are just going to have to sit out the next six to 12 months. Otherwise, we throw the first half away.

Ontario and Quebec are looking scary, overall numbers in Canada are slowly going down. My sense is they could authorize the AstraZeneca vaccine next week and that will ease up on the delivery delays from Pfizer and I gather Moderna as well. Everybody just stay isolated as much as you can and if you are a single person living alone, from what I understand it is acceptable to have a bubble with one other household. You need that contact. Do it if you can. Zoom or Skype with friends and family. Stay connected, stay focused, stay informed, stay kind, stay alive.  There are vaccines. They are coming. We’re all here in the same storm, so you know of what I speak and I will stop now.

What have I been up to? Last week was pretty busy, I was writing Monday – Friday and thought I’d continue through the weekend but I need a break. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go back to it,  maybe not until Monday. My writing partner has it now. We’ll see how it goes. We could be knocking the 1st draft off in 10 days which would be good. Waiting for the galleys back on the hockey book for that friend’s father. And have submitted final changes for the final updated business book from a few years back. It’s all been fun. Lots going on.

Condo closes maybe in two weeks but it’s imminent, they have all the approvals and just waiting on occupancy permits from the city. I am paying attention to two things: time on the market and selling price. 

The Move to Mexico Bible is selling about double what it normally sells. I’m not sure if that’s because people are checking out their options after the insurrection at the Capitol – but I think it’s that, plus knowing that they can work remotely now. A few good things may have come out of this pandemic when we look back if we can all stay alive long enough to look back. As in, office buildings, why do we need so many? Also, fast fashion – if you don’t go to the office, you don’t need so many clothes. You don’t need two cars if you work at home. You have more time to grow food, too. All kinds of bright spots, if we can get to the other side. We have to do that first, get to the other side.

So, I guess now that the camel has its nose in the tent (I mentioned the insurrection), we should talk about it. It was idiotic. But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t what it was – trying to overthrow the government, and apparently, assassinate elected officials. It didn’t work. But it was far more dangerous than any of us realize. Despite memes like this, which are quite honest, even if they do minimize the attack.

It was the duck dynasty presidency allright. JFC. I can’t believe anyone voted for him in 2016, let alone 2020. I had a business associate who, in mid 2016 (blocked shortly thereafter) swore up and down that trump would never be elected. He unfriended me because I called him a mysoginist for trashing HRC all day instead of spending his time making sure trump didn’t get elected. It’s very interesting when FB memories from four years ago have come up in the months leading up to and shortly after the election.

In 2016, it was the rest of the world trying to tell America they were fucked if they elected this guy. It was the rest of the world trying to tell America that Facebook had been overrun with Russian bots and state media. But they didn’t listen then. Perhaps they’ll listen now. That’s from a song. Which I’m not that fond of but came to me anyway.

At least 2020 wasn’t quite as bad for people being blind. The third-party voters weren’t as easily led away this time. What it was extra bad for though, was realizing how many trump supporters are out there, still. Over 74 million voting-age Americans voted for him, including 55% of all white-skinned voting-age American males (only 39% of white-skinned women, I read but that’s still 4 out of 10). When you meet a caucasian American, there’s about a 50/50 chance they are a trumper. Horrifying.

And it’s not over. At least with Biden, the pandemic relief and action on health will start immediately. And that’s a big thing. But America has a very long way to go to get back to anything close to what it was meant to be. I’m not sure it ever actually was what it was meant to be. In any event, time will tell. If not trump, 2024 will present a clone. We all know it. I am finally hearing serious whispers of a break up. Because like I have been saying for over four years: How can you live together?

You see what trouble I can get into when I have nothing to report? Ok, no more USA, no more trump. Maybe one more meme but I’ll try not to make it political. But I will be watching the inauguration and I think there will be trouble 🙁

Captivatist.com is coming along, there are new stories up there but no ads yet so I’m not going to burn my chance to beg you to go there just yet, LOL.

Bitches (the show) is on hiatus kind of until February. Everyone will choose a few choice clips and we’ll get a ‘best of’ together, I think I spoke of that before. Too much other stuff going on right now. But two months off to sell a house, move over Christmas, write a script and manage a real estate purchase long-distance isn’t like I’ve been on vacation 🙂

And now it is tomorrow, Sunday, January 17. Do I have anything else of merit to say? Only that it’s hard as we go through this second wave and not to give up. Vaccines are on the way and this could be the worst of it. Stay vigilant and cautious. Make plans, dream dreams, get a project if you are stuck inside. Any project. Read, write. Learn. Get Masterclass.com– it will keep you busy forever. They have the best teachers in eveything from screenwriting to French cooking. Netflix is cheap. And has tons of content. Just keep yourself busy, keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I’m going to plant some herb seeds. You can do that – indoors. It doesn’t have to be spring. But it will be spring soon. That’s another thing to look forward to. Personal taxes are coming up, might as well get those out of the way. I’m having a bitch of a time logging on to the CRA website (our IRS) to get any T-4s downloaded though, things have been bad for a year with so many people using it I suspect. I can’t do it today, it’s too nerve-wracking and today is Sunday.

Ok, that’s it. I just didn’t want you to wonder what I was up to. Nothing much but working and putting one foot in front of the other. I’m going to find a song for you about coping. And then go.

Stay safe, stay informed, stay kind, stay alive.



  1. Roy Wadia Reply

    Excellent as always, thanks for taking the time to connect. Wishing you both the very best amid all these transitions. xx

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