Another week, another $7

Get it? Another day, another dollar? LOL. Not funny, I know. But I’m running out of titles. And out of photos. Geesh. And now it’s six days since I published last (February 6, Saturday) and I haven’t written a word. Oy.

I was busy shopping the script. It’s gone out to six places, we have had one ‘no thanks’ back. But that was a long shot. Next week, I’ll give it to an agent I know in Vancouver to back pocket for us.  We only have until the end of March, then the season for selling Christmas scripts is done until 2022.

Ok, here’s a meme for you. Just because I’m thinking it might be time to walk that paved road for a while LOL.

May be an image of text that says 'Normality is a paved road; it's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow. -VINCENT VAN GOGH'

Just for a while. I’d like to.

I’d like to wake up on the island, head to the thrift store for some used jeans in my electric car, listening to Coast FM radio. Then head to the Superstore for some President’s Choice food items, maybe pick up some Chinese food on the way home for lunch?

Relax, order some pot from the dispensary, watch cable tv on time-switch to Eastern so I can see the good stuff before I go to bed. All those little things. Ride a ferry. Go get some Dungeness crab down at Mad Crabs in Duncan. Some noodles at that take out place. Some Salt Spring Wild cider. Some Fish and chips. I’m going to weigh 200 lbs. Poutine! Let’s get some poutine 🙂

Ok, I’m back to Mexico after that brief sojourn in my mind. It will happen, I’m pretty sure. By the summer. In the meantime, we’ve got a few months to get through. Maybe six. I’ll just have to find more projects. You can clearly see, this is a problem, I don’t have a current project. We do have another ‘Bitches’ taping on Tuesday and the R&B Zoom Room Social Hour on Wednesday.

We still need an editor for Bitches in the long term. I am waiting for suggestions on the clips to use from my other bitches (for the ‘best of’) – I have my choices sussed out. But no point in starting until I get the full episode marked. I’m not that enthusiastic really, I’ll do it when I get the suggestions back and then I’m done editing. George will physically do the edits once we get it together. It’s going to be difficult, as he will be drawing from about 8 files of recordings, not just one. Ugh. But it will be done, a best of. And then we just have raw footage if anyone buys it, they can edit the rest. We can’t go weekly ourselves on Youtube without a full-time editor – not if we are hellbent on a taped show. But we’ll have a pilot (best of) and a sizzle reel and that’s more than most. And hours of tape and that’s valuable. And we’ll go from there and try to sell it. I have an idea, actually. More to come on that.

The new moon on February 11 is promising to be good but I didn’t write much down from my horoscope this month and I’m not sure why. I guess I should go back and look. It all sounded really familiar, and I’m not sure why. It was like I read it before. But it was just released. I chalked it up to the pot and didn’t think much of it. Still don’t LOL.

It is also Chinese New Year at midnight on the 11/12th. Gung Hay Fat Choy. Year of the Ox. Should be better than year of the Rat (2020). Not fond of rats, they tend to step over others to get ahead, as witnessed by the story of how Chinese astrology began. I guess I have to tell you now. First, look up your sign by clicking here. Input your birthday, and voila! You get your animal. There are further details – are you air, water, fire or metal? In actual fact, the signs repeat every 48 years to your true type, but every 12 to your animal type. If you are interested, enlarge this photo:

click  me

But that’s advanced Chinese astrology. Let’s just get to the story.

The First Great Race

The Jade Emperor, who seems to be the guy up in the clouds, called the animals to come and be one of 12 that would mark time. Some stories say the rat and the cat BOTH got a ride across the river on the Ox, who led the race, but the rat pushed the cat in the river and he ended up stuck on the other side, which is why he is not in the lineup. Others say the cat slept in.

Despite having promised the Ox that in exchange for a ride, the Ox could be first, the rat jumped off and claimed the first spot (watch those rats in real life). The Ox was second, hardworking, dependable, reliable.

The tiger came next, the rabbit was fourth, having jumped from stone to stone and finally landing on a log. He was almost swept to the other shore on the log, but the benevolent dragon used his breath to blow him to the other side (kind sign). And the dragon was fifth.  He also had apparently taken the time to extinguish a fire in a farmer’s field.

Sixth up was almost the horse – but just as he was climbing out of the river, the snake slithered up and startled him. They continue to do that. Snake: 6, Horse: 7.

The sheep (or ram), monkey, and rooster arrived together on a raft. However, the money and rooster insisted that the sheep take spot eight, as he calmed them when they panicked in the middle of the river. The monkey and rooster were 9th and 10th.

The dog was 11th – he stopped to play in the river. And number 12 is the Pig, or Boar, who fell asleep and just made it. The cat, stuck on the other side of the river did not make the grade and has been an enemy of the rat ever since.

There you have it. Which sign are you? I’m a horse (and a Sagittarius sun). I know a sheep (ram) who is also a Capricorn sun. Sometimes, they seem to align with western astrology. I’m curious, let me know in the comments what your Chinese and sun signs (what’s your sign?) are if you will.

How will we fare in 2021, The Year of the Ox? Better than the year of the rat, who forges ahead with no regard for others. The ox is dependable, responsible, sturdy … SANE. And this year will get better.

Numbers seem to be down with new Covid-19 cases around the world. This is good news but do not let down your guard. It’s going to be until late spring before we have any respite. Like May/June. At least.  But we are getting there and more vaccines are approved around the world every day. I know there are new strains and three are disturbing – they are working on boosters.

By the way, there are many, many mutations happening every day. The majority are not a problem and make the virus weaker in many cases. For that, we can be thankful, seriously. If I find the news source, I’ll share the story — there are thousands of mutations already. They are only monitoring five – and monitoring is the keyword. Booster shots will be available in a few weeks that protect against them, although AstraZeneca, at the moment, says theirs is already effective against the UK variant.

We’re all sick of it by now. But we just have to keep our heads down and keep taking it one step at a time. Without seeing the whole staircase. Just look down and watch the stair you’re stepping on. You’ll get to the top. You will.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I’m going to make pancakes, bacon and fried eggs. It gives me something to plan. Although it’s the big weekly horoscope day, Linda, Georgia and That always keeps me busy in the morning.  And I’m going on a buying trip to Morocco when this is all over. Another year or so – spring 2022 sounds good.

Although now I’m thinking Beignets instead of pancakes, I have a box mix from Cafe du Monde.

Image result for beignets

I have been there, they are wonderful things. And for the record, it’s blueberry oatmeal today, and toast most mornings. Not sure why tomorrow is so special. Maybe tomorrow I will find out 🙂

Overall, I’m pretty on kilter (as opposed to off-kilter). I need to work on the content site and cook this weekend. And tomorrow is a good internet morning with all the new predictions for the week. I like weekends and I guess I still actually have them. That’s a good thing. Now, if I only had a hot tub. Hmmm. One thing at a time.

We’ve lined up a place for Rosie to live for a month or two if she’s not dead by the time we move. Then one of us (CW) will come back to her. Just a backup. He sees no signs other than age but she could go in her sleep any day. But, we have a backup.

We want to be there a month or so before we close the house so we can quarantine and get a mortgage. Originally scheduled end of May but they never make it by the original dates. At least, not yet in my limited experience. I’d say early July for sure. So that gives us a bit more of a window to look at planning. We’ll need an Air BnB for the first month.

Image result for cantonese beef with fried noodles green pepper

Then we’ll go into the house and finish the landscaping and sort through all of our stuff. And eat fish and chips and Chinese food. There I go again. I found the take out menu from the Horseshoe Bay Chinese restaurant yesterday and it got me going. This is the house but we asked for slightly different colours. 

We will hold it for a while and live in it first to sort stuff out, then maybe rent it. Or maybe just hold it, depending on how other things go.  It’s not us, that’s for sure. It’s an investment and somewhere to land. I’m a little concerned with how quickly the market is going up, but this helps us hedge that. Good builder. In-floor heating, pot filler, EV hookup.  Gas bbq, fireplace and range, stainless appliances. I think it was a good choice for resale.

Sunday, Feb 7, Day 331.

I made beingets this morning. They were good but my shapes aren’t so good yet.

May be an image of powdered sugar

Next time. I liked them a lot. A crunchy-outside square donut covered in confectioner’s sugar. What’s not to like, LOL. And from the original mix.

Ok, this week it’s taxes. And wait until next week, the 15th to look at the agent avenue for the CCR (“Cozy Christmas Romance”). Although I kind of want to do it now. So impatient am I. I’m going to do my taxes. And sit on my hands. For now. Haha. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I posted a ‘unique hotels‘ story today on the content site, have to work on one for next weekend. Hope to add google ads soon. Because otherwise, there is no point, LOL.

The Move to Mexico Bible is selling a little too well for my liking. I’m worried that it’s all Republicans coming to Mexico. It comes and goes with presidents. But the book has been selling 4 X the daily average compared to last year. And I just finally listed it on iBooks and I think Kobo etc, all through Ingram Spark, the distributor. I don’t even get those results until a month later. It’s great though, a real bread & butter book – not exactly passive income as I’m always updating (and paying to update) but it pays off. A few of those and I’d be happy I think. But what is next? Maybe the content site. Same thing, needs updates, keeps me on my toes but pays off.

Ok, gotta go start next week’s post for Captivatist. I think I’ll do Wall Art: Bohemain Bull Heads. What do you think?

Ok, I’m back. It’s Monday. I’m going to publish today. Tomorrow we have a Bitches’ taping. Oh, did I tell you, they are approving the trademark, a couple more weeks and it will be back from the USPTO. Woohoo! T-shirts! More on this in a moment. And Wednesday we have an R&B Zoom Room Social Hour (4-6pm Eastern, 1-3pm Pacific, 9 – 11pm GMT (London). If you’d like to join the social hour, send me an email and I’ll send you a link! Open to all, drop in, say hi, stay, drop out, whatever you fancy. It’s fun and uber casual.

T-shirts. I doubt we can sell our show logo shirts. No one knows who we are anyway, so associating them with the show hurts us, plus the show logo is cutesy, and good for the show. But it sucks for t-shirts. I wouldn’t wear one. I want to do shirts like this on black – this is just to show alternate phrases and I’d do them V-neck:

Maybe the last one should be GIVE ZERO F*CKS. I don’t think everyone would wear it spelled out. But then, if they give zero f-cks, why do they care if we spell it out, LOL?

We will toss it around for a while, no urgency. The other bitches will ahve ideas, too. But something like this would sell a lot better than a shirt with the show logo:

I think the saucy shirts could make some money, pay back the trademark costs, and maybe more. And once again, like everything else these days, it’s print to order. There is no cash outlay except the graphics and we may find the t-shirts an easier thing to sell than the show LOL 🙂 But all roads lead to Rome. I think the notable thing is, NO ONE can use Boomer Bitches™ except us. So if you want to wear a shirt that says Boomer Bitches™, you must buy it from us. You, too, can be a Boomer Bitch for just $19.95. Haha. I love it.

But the shirts will actually cost more than that because they will be environmentally friendly and ethically sourced. Sorry. Not sorry. And I’m not sure about that font. George tried it out but I think we can do better. Let me put font search on my list for tomorrow.

We don’t have our little ® yet anyway – that’s what the ™ turns into once it’s officially a registered trademark. And we need a meeting about a lot of things. By the end of February, we’ll have 10 shows taped. Surely that’s enough. Maybe just two more and we have two short seasons – once they are edited. That takes us to mid-March.

I don’t have the hard drive space in my brain to learn to edit. I’d probably like it but it would take me months and for what? I won’t be making a career out of it. Plus, I’ve got a lot of work coming up, I don’t have months to learn a new skill. Or the desire at this time. I may be moving (across borders) in May or June (Ojala). What we need to do is get the ‘best of’ episode done, then we can see if it will sell.

Our Christmas script has been “out there” for a week and not one bite. That’s discouraging. But oh well. It only took a month to do. And I haven’t lost hope yet, end of February, I will lose hope. And the 11th is a new moon, which is about new beginnings and the influence will carry on for some time as the moon waxes. I’m impatient, though.

Oh, I also submitted the content site to Google Ads. This could be a good week or a very bad week, LOL. Round and round and round it goes. They will say yes or tell me what to fix so that’s not such a bad outcome no matter which. The script is in the back of my head though. All the time. But just until March 1, then I shall banish it.

What else? Nothing I guess for now.

I should busy myself looking for a song so I can get this show on the road. Okay, I have an idea. Hope to see a few of you on Wednesday, if not, talk to you next time.

Stay safe, stay informed, stay kind.


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