Another new idea – good one?

Saturday, June 29, day 442.

So, I have a new idea. I think we’ve been overcomplicating things and I’ve been overreacting to things because we have been so isolated for so long and I don’t get a lot of feedback – because we aren’t around people.

Have I been overcomplicating this dog issue? Is it nuts to leave PJ here with the trainer and come back for him? Why not just take them both – Rosie drives with CW and I fly PJ? And we find a house that’s suitable to split in two including outdoor areas like we did here? PJ hasn’t had a PTSD issue in this house or for some time before that, since he’s been isolated from Rosie — and there are plenty of behaviourists and trainers in BC. And they speak English.

I was worried he wouldn’t adapt, I guess. Plus, his heart and making sure I can get him to a vet fast enough to get the meds. I can take a month’s supply with me, except for Azodyl which must be kept refrigerated (for his kidneys because the heart pills are hard on them). Poor guy. And he’s turning into such a lovely dog.

Sunday – CW had a swollen cheek yesterday when he got up, like an abscess. But this happened before and the dentist checked him out and nothing. And it went away. This time, it spread to his lips. It was definitely an allergic reaction or bug bite (but he had no evidence of a bite). With antihistamines and cold compresses, it pretty much settled down by nighttime.

Then at 2am, he had a gall bladder attack. Not bad enough to go to the hospital but he’s still resting and not eating and trying to keep up with fluids – we suspect after getting rid of the allergy, his immune system was tired and hope he’s okay tomorrow. If not, we’ll likely head to the doctor’s.  He’s not having a good day. Neither am I, this stuff worries me very much. But, on the other hand, there is no reason to think he won’t recover, albeit a little slowly. It wasn’t as bad as the 1st one, which did take him to the hospital, or the second one, which did not but was more severe as I remember it. So, tomorrow. Until then, I will think positive because if not, I’ll spin into monkey chatter while it’s still light out.

Another old friend died. In his early 70s but seemingly healthy until he wasn’t (cancer). Great songwriter/singer who loved Mexico — and the Austin and Nashville music scenes. Via Con Dios, Michael. The world has lost a sweet man.

See, if something like that happens to us, we need to be back in Canada. Ok, back to that… there is some talk that once the US border cities are finished vaccinating (this month) — they will open the Mexico/US border. If that happens for June 22, I will be ready to make an Air Canada reservation for PJ and I, and CW and his friend will head out by van (friend being dropped in Sacramento). We will know by three weeks tomorrow (June 20), surely they won’t just spring it on people. Fingers crossed and I’m packing already (a few tubs for the van of things that we were going to leave (give away) if we both flew).

Mercury is retrograde now, of course, officially started on the 29th and officially ends June 22 (hmmm, a coincidence?). In any event, communication is difficult, don’t sign long-term contracts or buy computers or cars if you can avoid it. A great time for going back and finishing things off, for doing research, for digging up old projects.

Speaking of which – the hockey book has gone to proof copy. I’m so happy. And the other updated book, the 800 pages, has gone to the designer and will come back to me only to upload and order proof copies. So that’s better, off my plate, all but anyway. I still have Captivatist – which I do a bit of early am and a lot of on weekends, and the new contract, which will probably take half my time. It’s good, I need to start winding down if I’m actually leaving here in 5-6 weeks finally. With a dog, which I didn’t expect but it doesn’t complicate it too terribly much. A bit on the landing end. They’d better have killed the three-day hotel quarantine by then  – we still need tests for sure, vaccine proof would be good too. Then let us go home and quarantine. I’m sure I could get someone to pick PJ and I up and drive us to the rental. I have to check in on June 1 with him, it was supposed to be ready after July 17, when the current tenants leave. They probably need a day for cleaning. So we’ll have to find an Air BnB for me and PJ or maybe I can hit on my friends who live near the kids. The kids have two cats. PJ chases cats. We can train that out of him (maybe?) – but until then, no.

Monday. Last day of May. Tomorrow is June 1. I’ll play my favourite June song at the end. Chris is starting to come around. He was still in bed all day but he’s up now and eating a bit so I think he’s over the hump. This is all scary shit for me (and I’m sure him) in Mexico. I know there are fantastic specialists here but I still don’t put a lot of faith in the hospitals. I know too many people who were not fixed properly and had original conditions that probably should not have killed them. 

Ok, all the way to Saturday, June 5 – Day 449 of being trapped in Mexico but can walk around and be less cautious. So not as bad as prior to our 2nd dose — but still trapped. I have high hopes that the Mexico/US border will be open and it is possible to drive. If CW is up to it. He’ll go for tests Monday, he is so much better but his stomach still hurts in the morning. The attack itself wasn’t worse than his last one, he didn’t feel the need to go to the hospital, but it took him four days really before he could act reasonably normal. So we need to check. We’re both hoping he is good to drive, but if not, he flies with Rosie.

God, Rosie has been a lot of trouble over the course of her life. We are only even still here because we didn’t want to fly her and now it may happen anyway.  I just hope they remove the hotel quarantine for fully vaccinated people — or I’ll have to wait with PJ. I can’t see the two of us in a hotel room for three days and I know they won’t let me walk him for an hour, twice a day. Oh well, we’ll deal with it. 

We have a place in Vancouver rented for July. But not sure how early in July we will get there. But that’s ok. It was really intense and difficult to find somewhere. Even to just find something but with two dogs who need to be kept separate. Oy. But I think we have something that will work. And Lordy, Rosie IS almost 14 so this cannot be forever.

A realistic goal is that we are both in BC with two dogs (if they are both alive) by the end of July but my gut says to reach into August so maybe the deadline should be mid-August but my hope be mid-July. We will keep this place in Mexico through September and then it’s gone. Surely we all will be too.

There’s an eclipse next Thursday, June 10. Neptune will make things a bit foggy but overall, it’s a new moon solar eclipse, in my 8th house of  ‘Other People’s Money’. And I have a bunch of other planets in there too. So it would be a great time to be applying for a loan or mortgage but in any event, should mean money lands in the bank account. Eclipses always shake things up but I think we have already done that. And then two weeks later, on June 24, a very good full moon that isn’t an eclipse but it’s a beneficial influence to work with. So all interesting.

I think I’m going to revive the TV pilot for ‘San Miguel Gringos’. When I have time. Surely won’t be before we move. Its Cheers meets Casablanca in the colonial highlands of Mexico. I love the characters. And I’ve spent a lot of time in that fictional bar (based on a San Miguel bar): Mike’s American Cafe. Everybody goes to Mike’s.

The hockey book has gone to press (I think I mentioned that, proof copies ordered). The other book is in the designer’s hands and I’ll have a little work left to do but not so much.  And the new contract will work out well, I’m getting into a routine and know when the edits will come. It’s almost straight writing, but some SEO integration. 

Sunday, June 6: We still don’t know about the borders, or our departure dates but if the borders are close to opening, I will depart with PJ by air and set up the house (assuming no quarantine) mid-July. If there’s quarantine, all bets are off for now, LOL. I just have to roll with it. It’s hard to roll with it these days. But we’ll do whatever it takes.

On the other hand, Chris seems to be fine, I’d say today he is pretty much normal. So maybe we averted another mini-emergency. We need to get back to Canadian health care.

And, my father fell and broke his hip on Friday night – they are replacing it today, Sunday. It was too bad to repair. But, once he makes it through surgery, it will be a lesser recovery than a repaired hip would be. But Geez, he’s 88, almost 89 actually. I don’t like it but that’s neither here nor there. The doctors seem confident. I was going to publish today but I think I should wait so I can perhaps update this paragraph. 

So… out of surgery, resting comfortably, will be home in a few days (dad). It never stops some weeks but he’s good for now and that’s what matters. Time to go while it’s still June. 


Stay safe, stay informed, stay kind. And write to me. 

I love this June song. Reminds me of when CW and I were first together



  1. Anne Heffernan Reply

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while. I hope you get back to Canada soon. CW needs to get back to BC. A friend of mine had her gallbladder removed here in Toronto and it was just day surgery.

  2. Lou Christen Reply

    Your ‘new plan’ sounds fine. only the ‘old problem’ (boarders re-opening) still stands in your way.
    It’s nice to find out that I’m almost as old as your Dad. I’m 87 and have had both hips joints replaced.
    Just passed #12 cartoon in the process. only about 18 more to go. Still have not found a book designer to even talk to me. Must be a rare species.?

    Big hugs, and best wishes


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