Home Again Home Again

Sorry that it took me a month to write. I’ve been really busy and I can’t say I have much news, other than we are here in Vancouver, in our rental. I’m not going to say much about the rental, because it’s in a good location and we’re here and we’ll live. But it’s mostly a dump. It’s fine though, the close on the blue house is scheduled for September 28. We have this place until next spring, but I need to be over here during the week (most weeks) anyway. Our principal residence will be the blue house on the Island, but we will be spending substantial time here maybe Monday afternoon – Thursday afternoon. Lots of stuff going on. Lots.

Getting settled is a big part of it but we can’t really finish that up. I leave next week mid-week to go visit Dad in Ontario, then come back and go the Island to meet with the mortgage broker and real estate agent and won’t be back here until after Labour Day. And I am working through the week, even on the road. And people wonder why I’m up by 5am. None of this is a holiday 🙂

Then there is our stuff in storage in Laredo, waiting to get picked up. I can tell you Mexican shyster stories about that, but I don’t even want to go there. We have a Plan B and Plan A isn’t quite dead yet, now that I’ve involved the company’s owner, and it will get here one way or the other. And then it will come to our garage space in the blue house on the Island and I’ll start unpacking. And then I can bring some nice linens and towels over here to this Vancouver rental (furnished with stuff that looks like it came from a thrift store, wait, make that 15 or 20 thrift stores). That’s not so long – six weeks or seven until our stuff is unpacked (ok, maybe 10 for that) in the new house?  I’m always waiting for something. But the next year or two will be interesting.

I think after that, we may find our Island home. We’ll see what develops I suppose. Major, major interest in the Christmas script from a director/exec producer. Which would lead to more work, I’m sure. If it flies, they’ll shoot here (likely on the island). I think this weekend will tell and we will hear something this week. And good, good astrology stuff this weekend. Especially today’s new moon, August 8. And I’m supposed to be working on more Christmas romance ideas, a vacation romance Hallmark style and a general rom-com pitch. All just pitches. And all related. How many different ways are there to fall in love?

Now Monday, August 9. I swear, I’ll publish this by Friday. I’ll try to think of something to say.

Ha, now it’s Monday, August 16. Clearly, I have nothing to say. Covid is ramping up again, primarily in the unvaccinated with rare breakthrough cases. Maybe it is easier to live with those – the mortality rate is at about 0.3%. Here is the chart from the Globe from August 15 – the last chart is vaccinations administered. I guess what we can hope for is that the vaccinated stay safe and wearing masks and social distancing — the unvaccinated get it and it moves through Canada. We may need boosters, however, that seems to be turning into the concensus. About six months after the 2nd shot. If they can get it into doctors’ offices and pharmacies, it becomes a flu shot, as predicted by many at the start of all this.

It is primarily unvaccinated people getting ill, but the vaccinated can get it, are carrying it and (although very rarely) getting sick and dying. Who knows what will happen? I have to stop trying to analyze stats and figure things out (damn double Scorpio, loves stats) because it makes me anxious. If vaccinated, use a K95 mask when indoors anywhere, wear a cloth mask outside if you can handle it and stay socially distanced. I think we need vaccinated, small (family or extended family) bubbles we are comfortable being unmasked with, and otherwise, mask up. Until the pandemic has had its way with us.

I have things on the go, as mentioned. Some writing gigs. Tidying up two books that are in process, one has gone to print, one will go by the end of the month. Have some interest in the Christmas script and getting set to revitalize the DogStar script. And other stuff. Closing the house (arranging a mortgage, an inspection (if required, as its new), insurance, blah, blah, blah.

Kinda ugly in a spray-on house way…ours is the mirror house — our backyards connect but we chose a darker siding, gray…

Okay, sorry for the delay. We were on the island looking at the pre-build and sorting out mortgages. I think I’d better just publish this to let everyone know we are okay, home in BC, things moving along, incredibly busy. I can’t believe how much busier it is when you are in town (and I’m still not leaving the house). Something psychological with clients when you are “in town”. In any event, more soon, I promise. And if anyone wants to join our “wicked Wednesday” zoom sessions (4-6pm central), just send me a message and I’ll send you the link. Every Wednesday.

For now, all is good. Stay safe, stay informed, stay masked. This isn’t over yet.



  1. Louis Christen

    Hooray for you both! (or should I write ‘all’?) Did the dogie make the trip? Is Chris OK? When is the book on ‘Why Not’ to move to Mexico coming out?
    Anyhow, allow six months to a year (minimum) to get your various ‘homes’ arranged to your decorator standards.
    No word from Andrews McMeel Publishing, yet. Jane getting lots of class attendees. No problems with Covid, yet. We expect to get booster shots soon.
    Uncle Joe has his tired hands overflowing, full! How does he look from your vantage point?
    Very glad to hear from you.
    Best to all,

    1. admin Post author

      Oh yes, six months at least. Happy to hear all your news re Jane’s classes! That’s awesome! And booster shots – that’s good too. I think one more winter and we may be over the Covid hump. Joe looks better than the previous guy, and I really support some of his policies – like quitting the “nation-making” BS. Overall, I am pretty happy with him… the fact is, these days I don’t have to pay attention to the US news and you cannot believe what a treat it is to not wonder what the previous guy has done now! It’s positively liberating!!! Talk soon, thanks for the update!